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You are magnetic. Whatever you’re trying to magnetize in 2024, these Prosperity Picks will help you get there. From increasing your physical strength to hold what you desire to unlocking prosperity sound codes and adorning yourself with wealth-inducing frequencies, take your abundance to the next level.

Pure Profitability

Foundations of Aquarian Business

This course is designed to give you the foundations to build a profitable Aquarian Business, turn your creative energy into consistent action, and clear blocks so everything in your business flows with ease.

Plug into Prosperity

Prosperity Patterns Bundle

In the vast science of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, there are energetic laws and meditations given specifically to increase a person’s level of prosperity. Learn the ancient yogic secrets of prosperity.

Explore the esoteric

Prosperity Power: An Immersion of Prosperity Teachings & Meditations

Explore esoteric prosperity teachings and meditations with master numerologist, Remington Donovan, and prosperity-enhancing yogic practices with Pritam Siri.

Align & Activate

Prosperity High Meditation with Shaman Durek

Align your multi-dimensional self with the current of prosperity. Activate your relationship with money and remove negative feelings around it in this shamanic meditation.

maneuver and prosper

RA MA Business School: The New Paradigm

Whether you’re looking to generate additional streams of income, create generational wealth, fully enjoy the job that you’re in, or get hired for your dream job – learn how to seamlessly maneuver and prosper inside of a changing world. Go deep in over 15 hours of content.

Increase your strength

Immense Grace Presents: Applied Prosperity

Upgrade your projection into one that’s continuously prosperous and elevating. Unlock sounds to align your thought stream to the current of prosperity and magnetize opportunities into your life. Increase your strength to hold and grow the opportunities you magnetize.

Wish upon a Star

Magnetic Wish Fulfillment with Pritam Siri

You are magnetic and your wishes are the universe’s command. Cut through deep-seated fears and open to the totality of life in this power-packed 90-minute workshop with Pritam Siri.

Abundant opportunities

Interstellar Star School: 8:8 Prosperity Gate

Magnify your courage, open your heart, and activate your innate ability to hold abundance and bring in more opportunities.

Make way for more

Large Star Amethyst

Make way for more. Purify your environment and elevate your surroundings with the high frequency of Amethyst.

Blessed Luck

Ganesh Pendant

Receive blessings from Ganesh – the remover of obstacles and bringer of good luck, intellect, and wisdom – wherever you go.

Enhance your Willpower

Pyrite Sphere

Enhance your willpower and your ability to call in what it is that you WANT. Bring harmony to your auric field.

the power of your heart

Malachite Cosmic Egg

Green is the color of prosperity and the color of the heart chakra. Amplify the power of your heart to attract the wealth and opportunities you deserve.

realize your self-worth

Prosperity Practices by Remington Donovan

Learn how subtle differences in your attitude, turn of phrase, and interactions with others can make changes in your life. Gain practical applications to help you live a better life, from manifesting financial prosperity and realizing your self-worth to letting go of negative energy and improving your engagement with others.

Prosperity Practices, Remington Donovan
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Love & Relationships

Get real
about fulfilling love.

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Wealth &

Your year to create something new.

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Get back
to the basics.

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Become a Trailblazer

Create a
magical reality with Guru Jagat.

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New Wisdom, New Possibilities

Expand your wisdom
and grow.

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Love & Relationships

Kick-start your expansion.

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& Vitality

Be your best
and do your best.

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The Gift of
Guru Jagat

Create your legacy.

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Fit & Radiant

Head into 2024 with new levels of self-love.

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Under $100

For that intentional

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& Beauty

Tap into
your potential.

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Shop these picks for instant space-elevation.

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The gifts
that keep giving.

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for her

For a woman you love.

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