10 Laws of Success


Join Guru Jagat for a 5-part special class series where you’ll learn the 10 laws of success, and how to apply them for more fulfillment and prosperity in your business and life.

We’re really interested in everything that has to do with living a human life, how to do it with exaltation, excellence, satisfaction, and fulfillment. That includes what we do, our work, our career, the money we make, our resources, and how we move through time & space.

  • Learn to gauge success based off your own satisfaction
  • Understand how to maintain the success
  • Receive & unpack each of the 10 Laws of Success
  • Use light yoga, meditation, and sound vibration to activate a new frequency of success
  • Embody success to create environments, faculties and resources necessary for you to deliver on your mission

Length: 5+ Hours
Virtually on RA MA TV + Infinite Replay
Originally Presented September 2020

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10 Laws of Success
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