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The RA MA Reset Cleanse with Mandev


The RA MA Reset Cleanse with Mandev

A Cleanse for Your Mind, Body & Soul

The RA MA Reset Cleanse with Mandev is a gentle yet powerful way to reset and purify your entire bio-energetic system. The cleanse features the OWL Reset and Kundalini Yoga. 

The Cleanse includes

  • 4 exclusive 90-minute The RA MA Reset Cleanse Classes with Mandev 
  • The The RA MA Reset Cleanse Guide, including mineralizing bath recipes, renewing Kundalini Yoga techniques & more
  • A curated daily schedule to enhance your cleanse experience
  • Guided integration of the OWL Reset 

This cleanse is perfect for anyone brand new to cleansing. 

  • Cleanse your physical, mental & energetic bodies.
  • Heal your digestion.
  • Clear your skin. 
  • Reset your metabolism.
  • Revitalize your nervous system.
  • Energize your prana.
  • Gain mental clarity.
  • Renew the essence of you.


What is the OWL Reset?

A collection of vegan broth elixirs and shakes, the OWL Reset combines the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Chronobiology. The vegan broth elixirs and shakes work in synergy to provide a simple, powerful way to maintain your gut health and digestion.

NOTE: The Owl Reset is not included with the purchase of “The RA MA Reset Cleanse” class series with Mandev. Purchase the cleanse separately and ship directly to your location.

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If you are based in Los Angeles, you can pick up your OWL Cleanse directly. If you live elsewhere, or you’d like your OWL Cleanse delivered to your door, you can have it shipped domestically. Please note, standard delivery in the USA is 5-7 Days. Plan accordingly to receive your OWL Reset in time.

If you live internationally or choose not to purchase the OWL Reset for the dietary component, a simple and nourishing alternate dietary protocol will be provided in The RA MA Reset Cleanse Guide.


As human beings, we have three mental bodies, one physical body, and six energetic bodies—these are your Ten Bodies. Over the course of 4-days, Mandev will guide you through a gentle and systematic detox of your Ten Body System. 

  • Featuring the OWL Reset— an array of fresh, hydrating, rejuvenating vegan broth elixirs and shakes 
  • Specialized kriyas designed to support your body’s innate self-healing process
  • Pranayams to release toxins— physical, emotional, or energetic
  • Deep meditation to purify your mind 
  • Gong to relax your entire being and increase your electromagnetic vibration

 The RA MA Reset Cleanse is a physically renewing, mind balancing, tattva harmonizing, chakra healing, nervous system strengthening, sensory system enhancing, soul-downloading experience. 

In the container of this cleanse, Mandev will guide you through specific Kundalini Yoga techniques to purify your entire yogic anatomy and amplify your body’s innate self-healing capacity. 

Day 1 – Reset

Detoxify the body. Open up the Ten Bodies.

Day 2 – Heal

Create a self-healing state within you. 

Day 3 – Clarify 

Clear brain fog & any stagnant energy.
Circulate energy throughout the physical, mental & energetic bodies.

Day 4 – Energize

Energize your prana. Set a new, high frequency in you. 

Sample Schedule

Upon Waking 

  • Tongue scraping & oil pulling 
  • Dry brush, almond oil massage & cold shower 
  • Sip cold Yogi Tea & alkalizing room temperature lemon water 

Cleanse Class with Mandev 

9:00 am Breakfast
Magic Matcha Mylkshake
Vegan Broth Elixir  

12:00pm Lunch
Gold Ginger Shake
Vegan Broth Elixir

6:00pm Dinner
Bold Beet Shake
Vegan Broth Elixir
Mineralizing Bath (optional) 

Sitalee Pranayam or Teeth Breath 


Can I eat food during the OWL Cleanse?
Yes! Many people find that they aren’t hungry and have plenty of energy throughout their OWL Reset Cleanse, however, you’re encouraged to listen to your body. If you’re in need of some extra fuel during your cleanse, you can introduce some things from the approved foods list, which will help sustain you without disrupting the benefits of the cleanse.

If I don’t want to do the OWL Reset, can I still sign-up for the cleanse?
Yes! The OWL Reset is one part of the RA MA Reset Cleanse. If it doesn’t resonate with you, you can participate in all other aspects of the cleanse: daily yoga class with Mandev, optional detoxifying baths, healing pranayam, while maintaining a diet that suits you.

Originally Presented
Thursday, July 13 – Sunday, July 16, 2023
In Person at RA MA Los Angeles
& Virtually on RA MA TV

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    In Person, Virtual

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The RA MA Reset Cleanse with Mandev
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