Bound Lotus for Eternal Youth with Nam Satya


Yogic Secret to Eternal Youth — Practice Bound Lotus with Nam Satya
The best meditation tool I have found in Kundalini Yoga to strengthen your nervous system and heal yourself is a meditation called the ‘Bound Lotus’. This restorative posture is a yogic secret to eternal youth, which connects you to your infinity, and is said to be able to heal just about anything. — Nam Satya

Join Nam Satya for a special class where she will present the many benefits of practicing Bound Lotus—a restorative yoga posture—plus give instructions and methods for how to increase your flexibility (did you know that it’s not just about stretching?)

In this special evening class you will learn tips and methods for how to increase your flexibility, to be able to comfortable sit in the lotus posture, and eventually move toward safely practice of the Bound Lotus.

You do not have to be able to perform Bound Lotus to join this class. Nam Satya will give many alternative postures that you can use to increase your flexibility, and slowly work your way towards Bound Lotus.

Originally Presented April, 15 2023 / Sabado 15 De Abril

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Bound Lotus for Eternal Youth with Nam Satya
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