Twin Violet Flame: Angelic & Ascended Master Sacred Relationship Technologies


A Virtual Immersive Experience with Guru Jagat and Isabelle Von Fallois

Go into the angelic and ascended master realms to activate your soul’s mission to be in union. In this special day-long intensive with Guru Jagat and Isabelle von Fallois, merge deeper into harmonious activation of current relations or magnetically activating higher caliber relationship experiences on a soul level.

  • Into the Violet Realms
  • Soul Merger Body Prep
  • Cut Old Relational Chords
  • 8 Beams of Relationship
  • Honoring Divine Love
  • Mirror Twin Flame
  • Dissolving the Vows of the Past
  • Diamond Magnetics
  • Twin Flame Transmission

Relationship is an Art Form
Practice, meditate, and experience the different layers of the art of co-creating a divine love relationship with your Twin Flame.
The first layer is about you.
The second layer is about you and your partner.
The third layer is about a sacred commitment between the two.
And the fourth layer is about taking care of the third entity ~ the relationship and the art you create(d) together.
Through very special Kundalini practices, healing Soul Journeys, special meditations and more, go on a deep life-changing journey to learn about this sacred art form.

Length: ~ 10 Hours Total
Virtually on RA MA TV + Infinite Replay
Originally presented Saturday, February 20, 2021

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Twin Violet Flame: Angelic & Ascended Master Sacred Relationship Technologies
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