Eroticism as Devotion


Immense Grace Presents:
Eroticism as Devotion with Guru Jagat

Creating sacred sex starts in the endocrine system of the womxn. In this immersion, we will explore creating divine states of play, eroticism, and deep healing in yourself and your partners. This is a womxn’s only weekend.

1. Self as Radiant Vessel with Harmanjot
2. Eroticism & Devotion: Group Prayer with Guru Jagat
3. Burlesque Chair Dance
4. Vajra Yogini & The Dancing Dakinis with Guru Jagat
5. Reality Riffing: The Power of Orgasm with Julia Lally
6. Feminine Orgasm as Practice Path with Julian Lally
7. Dance Hall & Twerk Movement
8. Opening the Erotic Body with Rie
9. The Yogic Science of the Erotic with Guru Jagat
10. Elegantly Dialoguing with Your Vagina with Jaguar Womban
11. Subtle Body Sensual Nervous System with Guru Jagat
12. The Science of the Clitoral Erection with Ginger De Clue
13. The Yoga of Intimacy with Lodin Angel Winters
14. Self as Triple Goddess Recitations with Pritam Siri
15. Kama (Desire): A Sutra of Embodiment Session with Darhna Parmar
16. The Yoga of Intimacy: Eroticism Meets Relatinship with Londin Angel Winters
17. Burlesque Chair Dance Pt. 2 with Lisa Darling
18. Interrelated Intercourse with Guru Jagat
19. Opening the Erotic Body Pt. 2 with Rie
20. Queen Cervix: The Gift of Your Erotic Power with Guru Jagat
21. The Erotic Awakening with Nadine Lee
22. Womb Nation with Guru Jagat

Originally Presented February 12-13, 2021
Virtually on RA MA TV + Infinite Replay
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Eroticism as Devotion
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