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Connection Divination: A Venus Kriya Workshop


Venus Kriyas are potent Kundalini Yoga practices that are done with a partner. The partners do not need to be romantic in nature, though they can be. Robindra and Myrah will be sharing their divine divination dyad work during this potent Venus gate portal.
Your natural ability to communicate lovingly and passionately is awakened in a big way during this time. Venus Kriyas are all about engaging, harmonizing and strengthening the male and female polarity, (this does not mean partners need to be of the opposite sex.) The Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine are alchemized within all.
In this workshop you will discover the beautiful…
  • 5-pointed Star of Venus
  • Visualization practice to ask for guidance from your guides
  • Secret Sound Meaning of V in Venus and M in Mars
  • The 13 Phases of Venus!
Myrah Penaloza
Educator. Creative Director, Artist & Mother.
As a educator, entrepreneur, clothing designer, yoga student at heart, and mother I certainly wear many hats and it’s a testament to the power of a consistent Kundalini Yoga practise. My yoga practise has helped me shatter my own glass ceilings of what I believed was possible in my life. What’s at the heart of everything I do is an intention to empower women and everyone on my path every single day.
I began my journey with Kundalini yoga at a teacher training in Hollywood with Gurmukh in 2003 and have been sharing the practise ever since over the past 15 years. It’s totally transformed my life and now as a new mom who has dealt with postpartum health concerns, I’ve become passionate about sharing the healing benefits of Kundalini yoga and self care.
In 2014, I followed my heart and moved to Canada from Los Angeles, California to start my family. I  am the co-founder of Bloom Festival and founder of La Luna Social which is a global collective of women gathering monthly during the cycles of the moon in ceremonial rituals and masterminding support for one another. La Luna Social now hosts women’s circles in Canada, Italy, France, Dominican Republic and various places across California. My classes combine Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan with storytelling from my own adventures in wellness, nomadic life, navigating entrepreneurship, motherhood, postpartum wellness, discovering your dharma & astrology. Currently I live and work from Bali, Indonesia. A 6 month trip for post partum healing has turned into my forever home.
IG: @myrahpenaloza / @kundalinigown
Robindra Mohar
Entrepreneur Whisperer, Earth Wisdom Keeper, Father, Digital Strategist. Robindra is a Bali based CEO, educator, festival producer and entrepreneur and Kundalini Yogi.He helps creative entrepreneurs design heart led businesses through a program called Yogi Entrepreneur School which explores the intersection of yoga and business. He is the founder of an Canada based festival called BLOOM which is all about inspiring people to live heart centered lives. As CEO of Myrahpenaloza.com, Robindra is leading the company online.
As a serial entrepreneur and yogi for over 20 years, he has many real life experiences that he shares from being a very busy and stressed out tech entrepreneur during the original dot.com rise. As founder of Guru Digital Arts College he helped 2 artists take an idea written down on a napkin over lunch into a successful college in a few short years. As a Strategy Director for Blast Radius, he helped launch and guide digital projects for the NBA, NHL, Nike, Nintendo, Winter Olympics, Yahoo and many others including building an iphone sing-along- app for Beyonce.
The high stress of fast paced business and marketing agency life led Robindra to seek out meditation and yoga as a way to “survive” his lifestyle. He accidentally took his first yoga class when he walked into what used to be a book store to buy a book on meditation, to his surprise he walked right into a yoga class. Robindra’s mind calmed into silence for the first time in years and this was the beginning of his exploration of yoga, entrepreneurship and how to truly thrive. What is at the heart of everything that Robindra does is the intention to have people bloom in all areas of their lives.
IG: @robindra

Length: ~ 2 Hours
Virtually on RA MA TV + Infinite Replay
Originally presented on Friday, October 21, 2022

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Connection Divination: A Venus Kriya Workshop
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