INFINITY MA: Fertility Redefined


An Infinity MA Workshop with Harmanjot
Infinity MA is a full-spectrum fertility, prenatal, birth and motherhood program.

Hormonally prepare the body, increase ovulation, and create the optimal conditions for conception at any age.

  • Discover mantras for calling in the new soul & pre-conception soul communication
  • Receive yogic diets and lifestyle practices for thickening the womb lining and creating peak fertility
  • Learn the technologies for increasing your child’s neuron velocity at conception, creating a high-frequency womb, and breathwork practices for conceiving a girl or boy baby,
  • Work on your pre-conception weight loss or weight gain goals, as the case might be
  • Hormonally rejuvenate and heal psychically and emotionally post-miscarriage

Length: ~2.5 Hours
Originally Presented on November 20, 2020
Virtually on RA MA TV + Infinite Replay

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INFINITY MA: Fertility Redefined
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