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Why We Practice on the Solstice

Solstices are a magnetic powerhouse time and an opportunity to charge up, make quantum leaps, expand, and crystallize yourself. Solstice windows release vast amounts of pranic energy. Imagine floods of radiant molecules that are discharged as the sun reaches its zenith or its depth. That’s what’s happening. During these times, it’s ideal to do as … Learn more

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What is the Venus Gate?

“The choices we make right now, especially in these portal frequencies such as the Venus Gate, will determine how our years unfold.” -Guru Jagat Something very special happens in the lunar cycle when the Moon – our emotional inner life – meets Venus – the planet of creativity, love, relationships. As Venus cycles in its … Learn more

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Why Practice on Lunar Days?

The New Moon, the Fourth Day of the Moon, the Tenth Day of the Moon, the Eleventh Day of the Moon, the Full Moon and Eclipses are powerful days. On these days, the unique phase of the moon pulls on the waters in the body in a highly specific way. The result  is a very … Learn more

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Fundamentals of Evolutionary Astrology with Tashi Powers

To the extent that we recognize our natal horoscope as an amazing moment in time that describes us in such intimate ways, we can also be equally awakened to our ability to see yesterday today and tomorrow, and thus gain an intimate relationship with the Cosmic Clock. Transit are the actual positions of the celestial … Learn more

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Sonoluminescence: The Many Facets of Sound

  How does sound turn into light? When a sound wave hits water at the right frequency, it creates a burst of light. This phenomenon is called sonoluminescence: turning sound into light. Sonoluminescence is still a mystery to scientists. They can produce it in a lab, but don’t fully understand why it happens. Ancient human … Learn more

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This Week in Astrology: Life is But a Dream

  The Sun splashes down in Pisces on Tuesday, with the Moon diving in next Sunday for the New Pisces Moon. Pisces takes us into the veil, where our imaginations come to life. Watch for the revealing of that which has been hidden with the Sun’s light shining into the depths. The New Moon signifies … Learn more

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This Week in Astrology: Creative Forces

  Mercury comes to a halt this week as it prepares to turn retrograde next Sunday (Monday for some…). Mercury is currently in Pisces but will return to Aquarius during this retrograde period. Our minds and communication are in a more imaginative place in Pisces, so it’s a good time for being creative. The planet’s … Learn more

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This Week in Astrology: We All Shine On

Planets & planetoids are on the move, with Ceres moving from Cap to Aquarius, Mercury from Aquarius to Pisces, and Venus (our evening star…) from Pisces to Aries. Our nurturing reaches out to envelop more of humanity; our mind and communication go a bit dreamy and otherworldly (tune in!), and our self-love gets a boost … Learn more

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This Week in Astrology: Course, Courage, and Commitment

The Moon conjoins Venus and Neptune in Pisces early in the week, adding our desires to already idealistic thinking about romance and finance. With Mars in square to Neptune, we’re rarin’ to engage. Envision & aim for the possibilities! Just be sure to balance them with some acknowledgment of actual circumstances so you can wisely … Learn more

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This week in Astrology: Unique New You

The weekend’s momentous Eclipse and Capricorn collisions come to a close with the Monday Capricorn conjunction of the Sun, Ceres, Saturn and Pluto at 22° (for the 2020 year); and Mercury just two degrees on. We’ve been in the Capricorn state of mind for a while: authority, authenticity, and response-ability remain the aim of the … Learn more

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Special Eclipse

This week in Astrology: Howling at the Moon

Friday’s Lunar Eclipse in Cancer has the Full Moon opposing not just the Capricorn Sun, but Mercury, Ceres, Saturn & Pluto as well. Aptly named, this is the Full Wolf Moon, named for wolves howling for food in the winter. This Eclipse calls up issues of our own voice as well as nature calling out … Learn more

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