Why Practice on Lunar Days?

The New Moon, the Fourth Day of the Moon, the Tenth Day of the Moon, the Eleventh Day of the Moon, the Full Moon and Eclipses are powerful days. On these days, the unique phase of the moon pulls on the waters in the body in a highly specific way. The result  is a very subtle, bio-celestial interaction that naturally triggers the body into self-healing and internal repair. Whenever the moon is full, the energy of the day is amplified. We can absorb that energy to use as fuel for our goals and dreams. Furthermore, the power of the moon on these days pulls the body in a specific way to increase our glandular health and our consciousness. This is directly working with the glandular system of the physical body and this in turn, impacts our state of wellbeing across all dimensions.

We practice on these days to utilize the cosmological forces to our advantage for optimal well-being on physical and energetic levels. On a physiological level, we use the energy of these days to work on the health of our glands and the functionality of the endocrine system. The moment your glandular system gets reset, your mind will become more clear and you will feel more energized.

There is a particular secretion of the endocrine system on certain days of the lunar cycle. When you can catch and magnetize these secretions, they will increase the power of your pituitary gland, the seat of your intuition. Practicing on lunar days such as the 4th, 10th and 11th days of the moon, allows you to catch the biochemistry that will move you towards clarity of mind. Kundalini Yoga is a powerful practice on any day and these lunar days are a chance to advance and accelerate that.

The glandular system is sometimes also referred to as the endocrine system. It affects your emotions, your aging process, your immunity, your metabolism, and your general sense of wellness. Your ability to handle stresses and challenges, even the smallest things in life, is directly related to your glandular system functioning. So when we adjust the secretions in our body by using the amplification of a lunar day, you start to feel friendlier, more patient, and more compassionate while your body starts to come into its highest beauty. You may notice that your personality actually changes when your endocrine functioning changes and your metabolism changes—it’s perceptible. This is important because a healthy glandular system in humans is deeply connected to feeling naturally happy, healthy, and kind.

On a more energetic level, we can enjoy this finite human form of energy by connecting to the infinite energy. This is the science of yoga, uplinking our finite energy to the cosmological. Lunar days are a certain celestial broadcast at a particular configuration with nuance and sophistication to get a bigger broadcast from the infinite cosmos. You can then use that infinite energy to create more of the life you want to live. 

There is unlimited prosperity to be tapped into, and this is why we pay such close attention to these celestial alignments. Your practice allows you to direct the patterns of your physiology and magnetically draw energy to yourself for an improved and prosperous life.

Ready to put this to practice? Join us several times a month to celebrate these celestial events and use lunar alignment to uplevel your practice HERE.