What is the Venus Gate?

“The choices we make right now, especially in these portal frequencies such as the Venus Gate, will determine how our years unfold.”

-Guru Jagat

Something very special happens in the lunar cycle when the Moon – our emotional inner life – meets Venus – the planet of creativity, love, relationships. As Venus cycles in its orbit, changing from Evening Star to Morning Star and back again, the Venus-Moon conjunctions act as gates. The Venus Gates are an auspicious and magnetic time for spiritual practice with the power of the cosmos on your side to amplify the benefits of both Venus and the Moon. 

Venus is our closest planetary neighbor and the second planet from the sun. Unsurprisingly then, she is the brightest object in our night sky aside from the sun and moon themselves, radiating with love and beauty like that of her Roman Goddess namesake. Meditation with and upon this planetary force welcomes in the captivating emotions of love, beauty and harmony to overcome hopes and fears that keep us from the present moment.

In astrology, Venus has a day ruler and a night ruler: Taurus for her day ruler or “morning star,” and Libra for her “evening star.” Venus Gates are the geomancy of Venus: each time Venus makes a structure with another cosmic object as it passes by.  These events are part of the sophistication of evolutionary astrology as a language and framework in which we can be a part of the cosmological Tao in the Age of Aquarius. Our Kundalini Yoga practice is the vehicle through which we can utilize this cosmological event in this new age. We can use these potent energies created along with our yogic skillset to utilize, transmute and thrive.

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