Fundamentals of Evolutionary Astrology with Tashi Powers

To the extent that we recognize our natal horoscope as an amazing moment in time that describes us in such intimate ways, we can also be equally awakened to our ability to see yesterday today and tomorrow, and thus gain an intimate relationship with the Cosmic Clock.

Transit are the actual positions of the celestial bodies at any time. Current transits would be what is occurring at this very moment. If we are doing some planning we might want to know when the six eclipses are as they are the kinds of transits that leave a blueprint. This blueprint describes the underlying energy that will be permeating the psycho-spiritual emotional path for humanity. The slower moving planets positions are also determined by looking up their positions and the patterns they are making with each other and the transiting nodes of the Moon, etc.

Join Evolutionary Astrologer Tashi Powers this Thursday, April 16, 2020 for a deep dive on the Pluto Paradigm. Tashi uses the bottom line of transiting Pluto to determine the bottom line of what is needed to align humanity with the highest best outcome for the long game and bigger picture.

This lesson, taken right from Tashi’s teacher, Jeffrey Wolf Green – the founder of the informs you how to begin to see your past life karmic necessities and your current and future life fruition.

Tashi will go through the current Pluto generations, Leo through Capricorn and explain which one you are in and why…from 1936-2020.

Tashi will then teach you the Pluto Nodal Axis paradigm that shows you the way forward, as well as the Pluto Polarity Point that helps you gain balance on your evolutionary path. Learn more about Fundamentals of Evolutionary Astrology and how to use the signs, planets, and houses as life tools. Sign up here, then tune in live on RA MA TV.


Tashi Powers, Evolutionary Astrologer
Instagram: @TashiAstrodakini

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