“Basant Ki Vaar”: The Millionaire’s Mantra


The bright blooms of spring are arriving, symbolizing a ripe time for growth and expansion. It’s a time to renew, restore, and receive prosperity in all areas of your life. The mantra “Basant Ki Vaar” helps us do that.

This mantra, also called the “Millionaire’s Mantra” or the “Song of Spring”, talks about the function of Spring as a time for growth, and a time for things becoming more. It gives a physical upgrade, an upgrade for the mind, and an upgrade for all 10-bodies – also allowing the glands of the body to secrete properly. And when the glands secrete properly, it opens up a flow of energy that brings prosperity.

Basant Ki Vaar and the season of Spring are also associated with the color green which symbolizes the healthy glandular juices, money, and an expansive heart space.

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