Love in the New Era


Immense Grace Presents
Love in the New Era with Guru Jagat

Whether you’re single, dating, or in a long-term relationship, get in deep with the yogic practices to enhance communication, spark sexual, and cultivated spontaneity.  This multi-faceted experience is designed to help you cultivate magnetism & intimacy at any stage of your relational journey. All genders welcome. 

1. A Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Fundamentals with Guru Jagat
2. Reality Riffing: Conscious Relating with Harville & Helen
3. Q&A with Guru Jagat
4. Total Eclipse of the Heart with Guru Jagat
5. Reality Riffing: Poetic Interview with Michael Meade
6. New Era Men’s Teachings
7. Parasympathetic Purification
8. Q&A with Guru Jagat
9. Yoga of Intimacy with Lodin Angel Winters & Justin Patrick
10. Reality Riffing: Conversation on Union with Vipassamama
11. Six Different Ways Inside My Heart with Guru Jagat
12. Special Sadhana with Ambrosial Jupiter
12. Orange Meditation with Guru Jagat
13. The Giver Taker in New Era Relationships
14. The Power of Your Pleasure with Julia Lally
15. Weaving the Beloveds: A Partner Practice
16. Unhidden: A Men’s Breakout Session
17. Shamanic Fitness: Healing Morning Movement
18. Bhanda Jameeai: The Sound Current of Sacred Union with Gurujas
19. Venus Kriyas with Guru Jagat
20. Q&A with Guru Jagat
21. Partner Psyche Meditation

Aired March 2021

This online event is available Live and On-demand with no expiration.
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Love in the New Era
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