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Guru Jagat
1 hr 19 min

Surfing the Information Superhighway

Yoga for intelligence & clear cognition.

Counter-counter intelligence. In an age of great information & disinformation, you need the intelligence meditation to help you build neural pathways in the brain that are useful in sorting information.

The sheer amount of information that the human brain has to metabolize in one day is the equivalent to 74 G of data. That’s the equivalent of 16 movies & what a well-educated person would have processed in an entire lifetime 500 years ago. (And the number raises 5% every year—Bohn & Short, “Measuring Consumer Information”).

“Attention deficit disorder” developed as a diagnosis in the modern era when attention become the necessary antidote to increasing information due to the rise of technology.

To cope, the human brain develops such practices as as selective attention, so it’s useful to practice slowing down, trying something new, or trying to absorb as much as possible about one particular subject—in a conversation, a lecture, etc. Plus, it’s good to practice taking the same news story & checking lots of variant sources about it—they will all always say vastly different things.

Critical thinking + intuition + attention + empathy = clear-mindedness, or intelligence. For your chi to be moving, you have to circulate. The facts are always beyond language, so people just describe one limb of the elephant, as it were.

You should simplify, streamline & budget your input to what you can handle.

On the innate brilliance & capacity of children.