RA MA's 11th Birthday celebration | Friday, April 19


Total Solar Eclipse & Pluto in Aquarius with Mandev & Harijiwan


Kundalini Yoga and Mediation Workshop with Mandev & Harijiwan

Harijiwan returns in-person at RA MA Los Angeles for the Total Solar Eclipse!
Harijiwan will be joining Mandev, for his first LIVE appearance at RA MA Los Angeles since September 2023.

April 2024
Virtually on RA MA TV


Why is this Total Solar Eclipse so important?  

For the first time in 248 years, the Sun, Moon, Pluto & Planet Earth align—creating a cosmic mirror. The last time these cosmic forces merged was in 1776, as the United States signed the Declaration of Independence. The power of the April 8th Eclipse has gained worldwide attention for its auspicious path and timing. Planet Earth is a polarity planet, meaning there is equal negative and positive energies. Where there is dark, there is light. As yogis, we will practice extremely high vibrational meditations to usher in the new positive energies of this Eclipse. This is an unprecedented opportunity— cosmic downloads, timeline-jumping, & quantum transformation awaits us.

What can I expect?

  • Through this Eclipse, there is an enormous amount of energy opening on the planet—creating a portal. All energy will be amplified on this day.
  • This special workshop with Harijiwan & Mandev will heighten your magnetic field and raise your frequency.
  • You can experience a massive amplification of positivity, light, prosperity, and happiness. Capturing this cosmic wave will set you on a new frequency path.
  • Practicing on such a powerful day can change your life forever.
  • The immense energy available on this Eclipse is truly unprecedented.

How can I Prepare?

  1. Create a powerful intention. Write it down and crystalize each detail.
    Pro-Tip: Whatever you put into this powerful day, you will receive back in multitudes.
  2. Listen and chant “Ang Sang Wahe Guru” by White Sun. This powerful mantra changes the neuron patterns of the brain. Chanting it brings the vibratory essence of WAHE GURU into every cell, every molecule of your being. Start by chanting it 11x a day, but more is always better.
  3. Prepare your environment for this new energy. Make space and invite more energy by organizing, cleaning, and creating a prosperous space.Follow @mandevkhalsa @harijiwan @ramainstitute for more!

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Total Solar Eclipse & Pluto in Aquarius with Mandev & Harijiwan
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