Buddha Mind Buddha Body | Full Moon in Scorpio


A Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Workshop with Guru Jagat

Use the full moon to burn off where we’re hustling, hassling, criticizing, lack of faithing, & doubting. Enter a vibrational portal of detailed intention. The more detailed & intentional you are when using these esoteric technologies, the more exponentially effective they are. 

When we’re working with destiny & purpose, some things are going to take a massive of amount of pulling, intentioning, holding, visioning, & strengthening ourselves to bring something earthside. 

There’s not a lack of supply, there is a lack of demand (or command).

In this workshop:

  • Prepare the glandular system 
  • Develop the Radiant Body so you can handle & magnetize more
  • Burn away the worrying, wasting of time, criticizing, hustle & hassling
  • Build the endurance to go the distance of your destiny 

Originally presented on the Full Moon in Scorpio, April 26, 2021
Traditionally celebrated as Siddartha’s Birthday in the lunar calendar
Virtually on RA MA TV + Infinite Replay

Buddha Mind Buddha Body | Full Moon in Scorpio
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