RA MA Business School: Economics of Infinity


Use your GIFTS to build a business that makes a positive impact regardless of the market, your circumstances or your environment.

In this 4-day course, Guru Jagat and special guests teach strategic & artful solutions to navigate the new economy. You’ll learn actionable tools, teachings, and practices that will change your mind-body operating system so that you can live your legacy and turn a profit.


  1. The Millionaire’s Mantra: Prosperity Sound Codes
  2. Success & Magnetism with
  3. Ever-Rising Entrepreneurial Soul
  4. Business Development in Any Economy
  5. Money & the Scarcity & Plenty Game
  6. Success Steering in the Binary & Real Worlds
  7. Creative Disposition: Intellect, Energy, and Channeled Force
  8. Embodied Leadership
  9. Algorithmic Z Force: The Importance of Routine
  10. Harnessing Empathy in the Age of Machines
  11. Spirit of Money
  12. Arcline Art of Advanced PR
  13. Pitch Power
  14. Million Dollar Social Media Strategy
  15. Movement for Leadership
  16. Real Service is the Most Magnetic
  17. Have the Guts to Follow Your Guts
  18. Sound Holograms of the Business Identity
  19. Think Tank Exercise
  20. Creating a Brand
  21. Movement & Leadership
  22. The Wealthiest Person is the Most Relaxed
  23. Business, Humanity and Space for Self
  24. Intuitive Energy
  25. There is No Earthly Good is as Good as You
  26. Astrological Prosperity Tech
  27. Inner/Outer Relay Arts

Virtually on RA MA TV + Infinite Replay
Originally Presented October 2020
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RA MA Business School: Economics of Infinity
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