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Nourish Cleanse Day 3

Guru Jagat

November 5, 2015 1 hr 29 min

Working the kidneys and wringing out the adrenal glands to get fatigue out of the system. Healthy kidneys provide clarity and longevity. There is a connection between the hypothalamus and adrenals – when you move the tongue and the tongue hits the roof of the month, you’re hitting a meridian point of the hypothalamus. Hypothalamus vibrates with sound. Chanting does this too, it clears the body and affects the brain chemistry of happiness.

The glandular system is very subtle. Tiny secretion adjustments have an extreme impact on your health when thyroid and adrenals are in working order. If your endocrine system is in balance, it’s almost impossible to be irritated or irritating; your words are more compassionate and you are generous. Endocrine balance is connected to the elevation of consciousness.

Full yoga set plus 7 minute pranayam, breath of fire.