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The Song of Fortune: A Vocal Lab Workshop with Gurujas


Get a glimpse into the Vocal Lab course experience in this workshop with Gurujas.
Full course details for 2024 coming soon!

December 2023
Virtually on RA MA TV

Sound, frequency, and vibration are the most important elements of creation. It is sound that birthed creation into being, including all life forms throughout time and space. It is frequency that determines the quality of consciousness these life forms hold, and it is vibration that binds creation together or breaks it apart.

In the lower-vibrational age of Pisces, the worlds of science and spirituality were considered separate. To those of higher consciousness however, these two worlds are merged; music is math, sound is science, and vibration is life. The instrumentation we use to measure frequency shows us that sound broadcasts us into existence every nano-second.

As we sing the songs of fortune, we can facilitate our own evolution and become conscious creators of our own existence, rather than observers of a process outside of ourselves. It is in this way that the world becomes what it was always supposed to be: a civilization founded in love, service, and unity.

Join Gurujas to dive into these sound currents and bring these frequencies through yourself and to the world.

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The Song of Fortune: A Vocal Lab Workshop with Gurujas
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