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Mini Hoop Crystal Earrings

Genuine stone mini hoop earrings to add crystal magic and style to your everyday look.

Lapis lazuli is a deep blue semi-precious stone that has been highly valued for thousands of years for its intense color and the golden flecks of pyrite that are often found within it. It is believed to help encourage personal empowerment, self-awareness, and the ability to speak one’s truth.

Moonstone is a semi-precious stone that is characterized by its soft, ethereal glow and iridescent sheen, which appears to change with the angle of the light. It is often associated with divine feminine energy, and is believed to help bring balance and harmony to the wearer’s emotional and hormonal states. It is also said to enhance intuition and to bring clarity to the emotions.

Herkimer Diamond is a type of quartz crystal that is found in Herkimer County, New York, and is known for its exceptionally clear and diamond-like appearance. They are amplification crystals that can help to enhance the properties of other stones and to magnify one’s intentions for manifestation.

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