Camp Grace: The Jewel Psyche


Immense Grace Presents:  Camp Grace The Jewel Psyche
with Guru Jagat

Camp Grace is an environment for the feminine to grow, prosper, strengthen, discover, and achieve. Over a weekend in September 2017, women gathered to explore and express their transformation through practice and women’s community.

Guru Jagat invites us to show up, share our creativity and embody the magical feminine.  Plus, special guest Harijiwan introduces the sound current of the mantra, Eka Mai. Included are 11 sessions and over 18 hours of content from the Fall 2017 session of Camp Grace – and the opening of the Immense Grace year – in Mount Madonna, California.

This program is now available to stream on-demand with unlimited replay.

Your purchase is non-transferable and non-refundable.  Learn about Immense Grace here.

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Camp Grace: The Jewel Psyche
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