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Bhutan Incense


Druk Incense is handmade and prepared with aromatic, medicinal herbs and other precious substances in accordance with recipes found in original ancient texts.

Choose from the following incense:

  • Guru Rinpoche: Protects from danger and fears and brings health and wealth in life
  • Green Tara: Wish-fulfilling and brings wealth, health, luck, and happiness
  • Kuru Kulley: Happiness and prosperity
  • White Tara: Promotes healing and longevity
  • Manjushree: Brings the feelings of peace and transcendent wisdom
  • Mahakala: Protective, brings luck, prosperity, and peace.

  • Description

    Each pack contains 30 sticks

  • Additional information

    Weight N/A
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    Mahkala, White Tara, Green Tara, Manjushree, Kuru Kulley, Guru Rinpoche

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Bhutan Incense
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