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Astrology for Beginners 2.0 with Joanna Pitt


A 4-Part Course to Advance your Astrological Knowledge

Welcome to Astrology for Beginners. Astrology is a multifaceted resource and resonance of the world around us. It delineates the cyclical movements of the planets through the zodiac signs and parts of the sky into a beautiful harmonious dance. Learning astrology is about recognition, repetition and familiarity of the zodiacal archetypes, representing us as individuals and the collective. The deepening of your cosmic knowledge is a gateway to illuminating pathways for more enjoyment, more fulfillment, and more soul-alignment in your experiences while here on planet Earth. In this summer session, explore the foundational language and archetypes of the zodiac. This course will present concepts and common terms that will be explained in depth. The goal of Astrology for Beginners is to deepen your understanding of the language and logic of astrology so you can understand the vast knowledge available to you.

SESSION 1:  The Chart & Your Personal Axis Point
How does an astrology chart work? Learn the Personal Axis points of Ascendant, Descendent, IC and Midheaven; The Houses; The Elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water

SESSION 2: Archetypes, Cycles, & Retrogrades
Archetypes of Aries/Libra and Taurus/Scorpio. Planetary Cycles and Planetary Retrogrades.

SESSION 3: Archetypes, Phases, & Aspects
Archetypes of Gemini / Sagittarius and Cancer / Capricorn. Phases and Aspects of Planets

SESSION 4:  Archetypes, Patterns, & Chart Decoding
Archetypes of Leo / Aquarius and Virgo / Pisces. Basic Chart Patterns and Reading a Chart

Originally Presented July 2023
Virtually on RA MA TV + Infinite Replay

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    In Person, Virtual

Astrology for Beginners 2.0 with Joanna Pitt
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