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Total Balance: A Day-Long Equinox Acceleration


Total Balance: A Day-Long Equinox Acceleration
with Harijiwan, Gurujas, Tej, Mandev, Shabadpreet, Pritam Siri and Special Guests

Use critical balance of the Fall Equinox to launch yourself into the trajectory of your greatest fulfillment. Join this power-packed day to amplify your radiant energy, study the stars, synch with the Earth’s subtle field, infuse yourself with freshness, and set yourself for intuitive, intrinsic & high-performing success over this next quarter.

  • Cross the Equinox with Harijiwan
  • Kundalini Yoga to increase the electrical circuitry in your body and mind to amplify your sensory relationship to the Earth and cosmos
  • Deep meditations to strengthen the bi-cameral mind and intuitively wield the power of polarities
  • Decrypt the double zero numerology of 00 Libra
  • Vision and plant seeds of prosperity for the next three months ahead until Solstice
  • Gain knowledge of the astral map and Vastu “cures” to optimize this window
  • LIVE DJ Dance party and gong to integrate the Equinoxal Energy into your 10 body system
  • Special Guests: Harmanjot & Keon Dillon, Remington Donovan, Tashi Powers, Narasimha Dass

Originally presented September 22, 2021. Now on demand virtually on RA MA TV. All sessions available for infinite replay.

Price: $111

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Total Balance: A Day-Long Equinox Acceleration
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