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1 hr 25 min

Song of Solstice: the Science of Kirtan Kriya

Continuing our Kirtan Kriya series, we look at the scientific research being done on the Kundalini meditation.  Kundalini Yoga & Meditation is a science and technology unto itself, with predictable effects that have been proven through millennia.  While modern western medicine is rooted in the physical world, and does not always recognize the spiritual component, there are more and more studies and programs that include yoga and meditation as doctors learn the positive effects of such practices.

Studies on the meditation by the Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation and UCLA (among others) over the last fifteen+ years have shown provable results from doing the Kirtan Kriya meditation in as little as eight weeks. Results show improved memory and sleep; reduced stress and depression; enhanced brain blood flow, brain size and brain chemistry; even our DNA is affected, improving our immune system and reversing aging.  Spiritual and psychological well-being is enhanced, leading to clarity of purpose and peace of mind.

Psychology Today and the National Institute of Health (NIH) have both reported on the profound results of these studies.  Interestingly, the Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation's study has found that approximately 70% of Alzheimer's patients and caregivers are women, so this meditation is even more important for them.  Please go online and research some of the studies that have been done to get a fuller understanding of the benefits of this amazing meditation.

Today, we use our Kundalini science to focus on the Nervous System with our kriya, then meditate with a Kirtan meditation meant FOR WOMEN ONLY to Balance the Moon Centers.  Men are invited to do the Cross Hearted Kirtan variation instead.

Featured track: Cross Heart Kirtan Kriya by Nirinjan Kaur