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Your one-stop-shop: these classes are designed to strengthen and tone the physical body, while balancing your mind and energy bodies—so you’re ready for the day, or for whatever other meditations you choose next.

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Atma Santokh
1 hr 30 min


Total Mind

"Now I'll explain to you scientifically, when the harmony in the existence psyche of the potential of the total magnetic field takes the rhythm of the same cycle and the channel and it relates to each other and effectively attracts, there exists an existence pathway of the same rays of the pole and thus the energy is created and if we can keep a filament in it, filament in it, we can produce the light. That is why, the theory of sound and light exist in that relative term.

Longing to belong and when the individual longs to belong that totality, he becomes like God. He does not seek God. There is no such thing running after Him, when the longing awakens in a man to belong then the belongings belongs to be and that is the totality of God like consciousness and that is one has to create and the total energy in anything even in inertia is all this, even phobia, even insanity, even wisdom. When there is a longing to belong, then a zero is added to it, Infinity. Then the belonging longs to be and that is a creative consciousness. That's why we take a mantra of Infinity and we put the human energy, the prana, give an individual psyche and we vibrate. We vibrate, when we vibrate with a total mind behind it, then the universal mind belongs to this mind and once that relationship happens, then one little click, "Hi, Almighty, this guy is sick." He said, "Okay, don't worry, I got it, I will take care of it." Then you become a holy man because your prayers are answered, and you are beautiful. You have a key, you punch the number, the great computer answers." -Yogi Bhajan

Atma Santokh
1 hr 29 min

Sound Of The Lion

Good Luck Comes

"But the effect not to recognize the effect of the aura is the greatest tragedy. Your radiant body has more power to repel negativity than all your brain can think. That's why they say thinking is not human, there is nothing good, nothing bad, thinking make it so. We think. Thinking is given to us as a human. Question is how to get it together. Can we get it together while dealing with friends? Can we get it together while dealing with enemies? Can we get it together making all the powerful environments? Can we raise walls and have fences and that will to get it together? No not that way. It has never worked. Can a psychiatrist or a psychologist get it together for you? No. They can bleed you out of your subconscious neurosis. They are very helpful. Counselor can only help you to a certain extent. Accountant can only tell you what to do, a attorney can tell you what can be possible, he is not a judge, he is just a accountant, or he is just a attorney for you. You do not know what jury will say, you do not know what the judge will award.

Therefore, in your life, there is a one thing which you can do. You can create a psycho magnetic field of your own intellect so that your things may get together for you automatically. In a simple English they call it opportunities. In a simple English this is called friends and in a very simple English they call it good luck. Good luck comes to you, not that you deserve it, not that you want it and not that you ask for it, it comes to you because of your electromagnetic field and it comes to you because of your radiant body, which is your tenth body.

Physical body is a opaque body and that's the only one body you can see. You have three mental bodies, which have eighty one portions which work together at the speed of three and a half billion per stroke mega pie per second of the hundredth. If you put that speed in the mathematical computer, you will be shocked what I am talking about. Once we tried to do that, we went on and on and there was no zeros left and finally we gave up. We say, well somebody just let us on to something and it doesn't mean, it's not computable, then they say, Infinity.

The speed and the reality of the speed of life in which we work, is far more than I and you can think. Circumstances change so fast. Sun and moon inflict and reflects at each other. Earth revolves. You are moving when you are in a still far more than three hundred miles per hour, anyway. When you are totally still, I am not giving you the exact figures because you can calculate it. This mind of mine has the capacity in one trillion and a half of a one second to take me to God and bring me back in one piece." -Yogi Bhajan

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