This Week in Astrology: The New and the Review


True to you…

The Moon comes conjunct with Uranus on Monday and Vesta on Wednesday, either shaking off or shaking up the effects of Sunday’s Full Moon. The Moon rules our emotions and instincts while Uranus calls up original thinking; Vesta keeps our spiritual flame burning bright. Let this be an opportunity to aim your energies in a new and truer direction as we move forward from a Full Moon that shined a light on your relationship to yourself and to your significant others. Be you –  all of you!


See you again soon…


We’ve also begun the pre-shadow phase to Mercury’s Scorpio retrograde.  The planet is now within the retrograde review zone, having just passed the point to which it will return during its reverse motion, which begins October 31, 2019.  Scorpio sees Mercury delving into secrets and that which is hidden beneath the surface.  There’s power to be found there!  Pay attention to the things coming up in the next few weeks.  You may be seeing them again during the retrograde phase…  and yet again after Mercury turns direct on November 20, 2019.


Article by RA MA Crew member, True. True has been studying Astrology for over twenty years, and regularly integrates it into her Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes at RA MA Yoga Institute Venice, and on She finds it fascinating how everything connects – the cosmos, solar system, Earth and us – and loves to share, helping others to connect the dots in their own lives. True also offers virtual and in-person Astrology readings. To schedule a reading, email [email protected].