This Week in Astrology: I Can See Clearly Now

Venus passes Jupiter to move into Capricorn on Monday, bringing matters of love and money back down to Earth… and perhaps out into the public eye. Aspects to Chiron, Uranus, and Ceres will remind of previous hurts, then shake us loose from past patterns so that we might better serve ourselves and the collective at large. Venus’ trine with Uranus on Thanksgiving Day may spark your uniqueness, and inspire you to connect with your loved ones in a new way. Radiate YOU… and invite others to rise to YOUR vibration!

The Moon conjoins the Sun for a New Moon in Sagittarius Tuesday morning (PST). Sag speaks to the gypsy seeker soul within us as we reach out to expand our experience and understanding. New Moons are a time of beginnings and new adventures. So align your heart and your head and set your intentions. Leave behind that which Scorpio’s Mercury Retrograde separated from you and re-pack what you’ll keep. Take only that which supports and advances you toward your ultimate purpose… and joy!

Neptune is stalled for a couple more weeks in Pisces as it turns Direct (on Wednesday) after five months in Retrograde. What we see in our mind’s eye and what is actually happening in the world may be reluctant to sync up, but it’s getting there. We may discover that we’ve been letting our imaginations get the best of us. So adjust the focus on how you’re seeing things, and remember it’s you who creates your own reality, but there’s still a “real world” to reckon with too.


Article by RA MA Crew member, True. True has been studying Astrology for over twenty years, and regularly integrates it into her Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes at RA MA Yoga Institute Venice, and on She finds it fascinating how everything connects – the cosmos, solar system, Earth and us – and loves to share, helping others to connect the dots in their own lives. True also offers virtual and in-person Astrology readings. To schedule a reading, email [email protected].