This Week in Astrology: Find Your Center

Heal Thyself…

Chiron is the asteroid that represents the “wounded healer”. The centaur Chiron was an immortal being who sustained a mortal wound, forcing him to live in and with pain. The archetype speaks to how we handle the wound, trauma or vulnerability within us. The tendencies are to become the ultimate victim; or a villain, willing to hurt others as we have been hurt; or the healer, who learns from our own pain so that we may reach out to help others heal too.

We’re in the midst of Chiron’s retrograde phase, with energies turned more inward in review. Mercury and Venus both oppose Chiron early in the week. Mercury brings in the mind that may call up revelations about the things that have wounded us, and how we continue to play out our pain pattern. Expect conversations that help to inspire and process what you’re discovering.

Venus calls in our relationships to the people and things we love. How do they affect our own trauma? Ask all your “W” questions: who, what, why… to recognize habitual behavior that no longer serves you. Oppositions are opportunities to confront ourselves head on. Don’t blink and don’t turn away. As you identify patterns of pain, you can create your own healing… so that you may help others find their way.


The “Turn” in Saturn…

Saturn will be vibrating in a standstill position in Capricorn all week as its four and a half month retrograde phase ends, and it turns direct. Our attitudes about authority have been challenged, and how we rise for or against those in power, as well as how we establish our own authority. More and more, we recognize the responsibility we each have in standing up and being strong – not just for ourselves, but for the sake of humanity.

With the planet’s shift in direction, all the reviewing we’ve engaged in gets aimed out into the world. Take this week to find your center and your footing beneath you. When the turnaround is complete (around Equinox), you’ll be striding forward again with renewed purpose.

In its forward motion, Saturn will be moving nearer and nearer to Pluto until they conjoin in mid-January. Pluto is about tearing down what has been so that it might be transformed, reimagined and re-created. We can witness this working on the public stage, particularly in the political arena, as well as in our own lives. Don’t think the two aren’t related. What we are transforming in ourselves is meant to shift the vibration of the planet for all!

In Kundalini, the Shuni Mudra (thumb tip to the middle fingertip) calls on the Saturn energies of purity and patience, helping us with discernment and commitment. Saturn and Pluto both move slowly, so this is a long-run mission. Use the mudra to connect you back to the YOU you’re building within.

Saturn’s purity of purpose is accentuated as Vesta gets some love this week from the Sun and Moon. Our “lumieres”, shining on the asteroid goddess, calls up our spiritual flame. How are we acknowledging and fueling the fire in our gut, and how are we shining and radiating it out into the world? Change in the world begins within!


These are the Days…

The International Day of Peace is Saturday. Let’s take a moment to meditate on and pray for peace within/for/between all beings. And note the passage of Summer into Autumn next Sunday evening, as our planet’s wobble comes into balance in the wee hours of Monday morning. Special classes and events all day Monday the 23rd at RA MA.


Article by RA MA Crew member, True. True has been studying Astrology for over twenty years, and regularly integrates it into her Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes at RA MA Yoga Institute Venice, and on She finds it fascinating how everything connects – the cosmos, solar system, Earth and us – and loves to share, helping others to connect the dots in their own lives. True also offers virtual and in-person Astrology readings. To schedule a reading, email [email protected].