The 10 Body System in Kundalini Yoga

When we practice Kundalini Yoga, we become aware that we are so much more than our physical bodies. We have a 10 Body System that we can strengthen, refine and ingress through the many access points of the Kundalini Yogic technology. The ten body system is comprised of the physical body, six energetic or pranic bodies and three mental bodies. Activation and fitness in this system refines our experience of ourselves and others, allowing us to magnetize the bliss and prosperity that we came here to experience.

It can be helpful to conceptualize this system like layers of clothing, each one getting closer to the center of our true being yet emanating from the permeating first body: the soul.

Our 10 Bodies are:

  1. Soul Body

The soul is the undying aspect of our being, the piece of infinity that lives within all of us. This is the essence of your spirit and of your purpose, the foundational true self prior to the conditioning of the world. Remember this aspect of yourself when you have lost your way and need to remember why you have come here to planet Earth. 

  1. Negative Mind

This is the survival part of our mind that scans for danger and aids in our survival. We can thank the negative mind, as it keeps us alive. This aspect of human development comes first when a situation or thought arises that is then filtered through the positive and negative binary of the mental structure. In this way, it can be thought of as the protective mind.

  1. Positive Mind

Our positive mind is like the research assistant for the negative mind. The positive mind takes information that is archived in your memory, pulling from both collective consciousness memory and personal memory to make a case file about any particular information or situation that is filtered through the negative mind. This will always be in service to the direction of the negative mind filter. It is for this reason that, through the meditations and Kriyas of the Kundalini practice, we train the negative mind to go in the direction of positivity and neutrality. To do this, we need the 10 body system working in a complete way.

When the challenges of life arise and our energy supply goes down, we must have the reserves of chi and prana to direct the negative mind in a way that is going to serve ourselves and others despite external conditions. This is very much like feeding the autopilot portion of our brain’s neuroplastic tendencies, strengthening our subconscious decision-making with discipline and integrity so we filter our reality through positive neuronal wiring.

  1. Neutral Mind

Through the meditative process, we reach what is called our meditative set point. Much like our standard weight set point, this is the place we return back to again and again so it may become a neural pathway, a place we know how to get to. 

In the neutral mind, we learn that spirituality does not have to look one particular way. Ego is a facet of being and the neutral mind illumines the fact that we need not obsess over eradicating it but rather using it in a way that is positive. The neutral mind is not the place in which only love and light exist. It is the place in which everything exists. In the body of the neutral mind, all phenomenon exists and we experience it as it is with a wider perspective of time and space than our own personal lives. From this, ultimate compassion for Self and others arise.

  1. Physical Body

This is our living, human form. The sacred vessel through which we experience and serve in this lifetime here on Earth. In Tantric numerology, 5 is the number of the teacher. With this, we understand that all teachers and leaders have a presence that we feel, as the fifth body is an important place where we access much of our power.

  1. Arcline

Our arcline can be likened to the filament in a lightbulb: the charge of the filaments in the bulb create the radiance surrounding the physical body just as the light emanates from the lightbulb.

The arcline extends through the head from ear to ear, associated with the master pituitary gland regulating our endocrine and nervous systems.

  1. Auric Body

A huge conversation in Kundalini Yoga, the auric body can be understood in scientific language as the electromagnetic field that surrounds our fifth or physical body. While the auric field is by nature connected to the realms of the ethereal, it can be measured and quantified. It is the container for our energy, our prana, our life force.

  1. Pranic Body

Prana is another word for life force energy, the spark of consciousness flowing through all living beings. Working with the breath in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is directly working with the eighth body.

  1. Subtle Body

The ninth body moves into the realms beyond that which we can see and feel. It is a tapping into the cosmic flow, the cosmic dance inherent in all things. It is the tuned ability to feel, sense and appreciate the infinite within all phenomenon. The sensory system in the subtle body gives you the absolute presence of this moment. Life becomes vivid in color and we are in touch with the divine presence in all.

  1. Radiant Body

The tenth body is the body of our magnetism, that which imbues us with a sense of radiance and regalness. The strength of our tenth body is what gives is courage, nobility and magnetises prosperity to our field. When this body is strengthened and aligned we are committed to our practice and know that this is one of the most powerful ways to increase our magnetic radiance.

Fitness in the 10 bodies brings boundaries, neutrality and more control over our experience of reality in this lifetime. The technology and practice of Kundalini Yoga allow for many access points to this 10 body fitness, culminating in nobility, radiance and a victorious stance in humanhood. This is what makes this technology so special: there is something for everybody at every stage of life. When our ten bodies are in alignment and strengthened, we embody a pure state of consciousness that allows for bliss and liberation.

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