RA MA’s August Yatra Illuminates Mount Shasta


The majesty of Mount Shasta California has long been cataloged for its natural wonder: a dormant volcano full of crystal caves, curious cloud formations, and as the tidy home of Bigfoot and his hairy, upright cousins. 

This year’s RA MA Yatra travels into the heart of one of the most healing vortexes in North America. The luminous myth of the Lemurian people lights the way for soul expanding exploration. The legend of Lemuria is one of heart centered healing. Much like Atlantis, its forward thinking populous foresaw their destruction and began transmitting their teachings into a collection of quartz crystals. Having programmed the elements with a deep connection to creation the energetic field surrounding Mount Shasta cannot help but inspire love.

Daily kundalini practice in the forest landscape, ritual baths in the mythical natural springs, and sacred excursions into central earth, coupled with cosmic teachings given by leaders in this field of study defines pilgrimage-to expand understanding of the self, others, nature or higher good, through experience. 

RA MA Yatra Journey to the Living Portal of Lemurian Crystalline Central Earth is now open for enrollment. Take refuge August 10-14, 2020 in the foothills of Northern California at the home of healing waters. Spaces are limited to a small group, so lock in yours today.