Get to Know Satcha Malas Founder & Immense Grace Member Sasha Korrellis

“Eka Mai has been a game changer for me.  When we all started to chant this daily back 2017, it really felt like the beginning of weaving the golden matrix of this new era.”

RA MA would love to know what the first changes you noticed after starting a daily practice in Immense Grace?

“Contentment • Radiance • Subtle Body • Connection

My first year in Immense Grace was 2017 and Eka Mai had just dropped. My life was in a deep transition and I was feeling untethered, neurotic and restless. I signed up last minute for Immense Grace without really having an understanding what it was all about. Although I has signed up for the virtual program, I showed up and participated with my full essence without expectations.  Because what could I expect when I really had no idea what was going to unfold before me?  On the daily I did the Immense Grace Sadhana when I woke up and although it wasn’t at 4am, I didn’t beat myself up over it.

Fists of Anger and Gyan Chakra were really the most impactful just starting out.
The Fists of Anger helped me move my frustration, competitiveness, obnoxiousness, fear and rage; all the things that would make me act like a KAREN, out of my system so that I could find more space for grace and contentment in my daily interactions. The husband was the first to notice and benefit from these the shifts.

The Gyan Chakra is still one of my all time favorites.  As I twirled my arms through the air, I felt like a beautiful ballerina mending and knitting a new golden aura, a golden crown.  Each day, I was clearing off the gunk and tarnish of all the years feeling less than, not enough or too much, unworthy, embarrassed, ashamed for just being me. Almost immediately I felt myself shine bright without feeling the need to dim so others didn’t feel uncomfortable. I also started to feel more tuned into my subtle body and my total radiance which is the source of my true power. My energy body strengthened and my voice got substantial. Just like a queen.

The Immense Grace program is transformative, soulful, confronting and grit building.  It is like studying for your PhD to become a fully embodied woman for this incarnation.”

What is your main focus at the moment and what yogic tools are you using to get there?

“Since I am a megawatt being, I always have at least 3 main focuses, one for each avatar which I employ and apply all of my yogic tools to them.

In my Spiritual Avatar, from solstice to solstice in 2020, several Graces and I are holding space for daily recitations of Eka Mai.  Now more than ever, we need to come together and sing in the future time streams that we want to live in. This mantra is so powerful and magical, I feel like it gives us the tools to organize the universe in the micro and macro. Just a week in, we are already seeing big shifts both our personal lives and on the global stage. I cannot wait to see how this all unfolds in this very potent confluence of time and space.

In my Dharma Artist Avatar, I have pivoted from exclusively making malas, to expanding my business and capacity by teaching others how to use and create adornments with this high frequency, high velocity technology for themselves. Just this year, I have hosted three, what I would call experiences rather than workshops, in how to harness and code your own Tantric Mala.

When I was attending Ra Ma Teacher Training in Mallorca this January, we visited a cave to do the Mahan Jaap and at that moment it just became so clear that I was to share and transmit these light codes for other teachers, artists, healers and practitioners so that they could in turn share it with their community.  The results have just been extraordinary.  I am curating the next one for the Lions Gate on August 8th with a new collection of crystals and special guests. People can RSVP HERE!

In my 3D Life Avatar, I am an instructor and head of production in the Animation and Visual Effects department at the Academy of Art University.  Back in 2000, I had a dream of creating a virtual studio environment so that we could work from home since this art form requires many hours in a 24 hour cycle.  I had to wait 11 years for internet speeds to be fast enough to allow for this idea to be proved and then another 9 years for a global pandemic to force the hand of the studios and the organizations to embrace a Virtual Studio Pipeline as a viable option for the way we work. As Immense Grace 2019 – 2020 unfolded, I was able to graceful and subtly reorganize our department to dismantle the toxic patriarchy and install a women’s council to helm the department. This has allowed more space for us innovate with fresh thought forms and joy. I am now responsible for the strategy and budget to lead us into an era of being a Global University and bringing our students into the future of the industry. I am just thrilled. I learned to stay the course and not to quit my day job last year.

Here is the film that we made entirely online using this technology with 200+ artists from around the world.
You can find Guru Jagat is in the credits too…”

What is the most embarrassing song on your playlist?

“During this Covid Era, I have started to Roller Skate again so I have been building an epic playlist of all of my favorite songs to skate and dance to.  There may or may not be some embarrassing tracks in there but it is hard to tell when old, cheesy songs are so cool these days.
Maybe the Loverboy track? It is so sexist and yet so delicious.”

 Listen for yourself here!

Sign up for a mala workshop with Sasha or find her magnificent-Eka Mai-mantra-made-malas at or on instagram @satachamalas. Sat Nam.