Journey to the Living Portal of Lemurian Crystalline Central Earth

RA MA Yatra Presents

Journey to the Living Portal of Lemurian Crystalline Central Earth

Join Guru Jagat for four nights and five days in the exquisite natural beauty and supernatural frequency of Mt. Shasta, which has long been regarded as a portal to other dimensions and dwelling place for the Lumerian consciousness. This Yatra is co-ed and family friendly--don't miss this opportunity for intimate practice and adventure with Guru Jagat.

August 10-14, 2020
Mt. Shasta, California

The Experience

Cosmic Lumerian Downloads

The Lumerian legacy lives through quartz crystals that pulse in the heart of Mount Shasta. Their wisdom reverberates through the surrounding earth plane generously giving those attuned access to their immemorial imprints. Decode their wisdom with Guru Jagat and leaders of this field.

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Breathe the ionic mist of Mount Shasta’s ancient teachings in a daily practice led by Guru Jagat.

Sacred Excursions

Guru Jagat & Teg Nam lead us through Central Earth to learn more about the higher frequencies available in this revered realm that was once believed to be direct portal to Egypt…

Healing Mineral Springs

Take to the waters at the magnificent natural springs with their incredible healing alchemy.

The Place

Mt. Shasta offers a unique environment for communing with the palpable, powerful energy of Mount Shasta.  Surrounded by a pristine forest landscape and mythical healing waters, we will be tucked away in secluded canyon, minutes away from the majesty of Mt. Shasta.

Enjoy the healing waters in between sessions, post-sadhana, or under the stars.  Their unique mineral composition can be found in two places around the world. In the mystic mountains of northern California and what legend calls Camelot, Glastonbury, England. One white spring, known for its gentle feminine healing and one red, known for its mineral iron strength. Soak up history, vitality and alchemy.

What's Included

Daily Programming

Enjoy daily sadhana, and in-depth sessions with Guru Jagat, the RA MA Crew, and special guests. 

Delicious Vegetarian Meals

Enjoy three amazing and organic communal meals per day.  Stock Up on local organic snacks for your Kitchenette and enjoy the cute local coffee shops in town.


Choose from single, double, or community accommodations.

Healing Waters

Included in your package is access to all of the healing springs of our incredible venue. 

Esoteric Adventures

Journey to the natural power points of Mt. Shasta and the surrounding area. 

Getting There

Arrival & Departure

Check In 4:00pm on August 10, 2020
Check Out 11:00am on August 14, 2020

By Air

These are the closest airports to Mt. Shasta.  Further travel information and travel instructions available upon registration.   

Redding (California) Municipal Airport: RDD / KRDD 
Klamath Falls (Oregon) Airport: LMT / KLMT
Sacramento (California) Airport: SMF
San Francisco (California) Airport: SFO
Reno (Nevada) Airport: RNO

What to Pack

Your Shasta Packing List

  • Small Day Pack or Bag for Outings
  • Personal Yoga Mat, Sheepskin, and Meditation Cushion
  • Comfortable, Layerable Clothing for Yoga & Casual Day Wear
  • Jacket or Sweater for Cool Nights
  • Swim Suit
  • Personal Toiletries
  • Water Bottle (non-glass)
  • Reusable Tea Cup (non-glass)
  • Closed-toed footwear for mellow hikes
  • Flip Flops or Other Hot Spring Friendly Shoes
  • Sun Hat, Sun Glasses, & Sun Screen

Beam Me Up


$ 1,799
  • Program Included
  • Meals Included
  • Stay Offsite


$ 2,499
  • Twin Bed
  • Shared Room
  • Shared Bathroom


$ 2,899
  • Per Person Rate
  • Couples Share a Bed
  • Roommates in Separate Beds
  • En Suite Bathroom


$ 3,199
  • Private Room
  • En Suite Bathroom


Email [email protected]

In the case of a government mandated shut down, you will receive a credit for the rescheduled event.