11:30AM – 1:00PM


Whether you are prenatal, expecting, or birthing a big life change as your baby, this is a class about birth. This is a class about birthing pleasurably, spiritually, and organically.

In this class you will:

🌸 learn how to prioritize your pleasure

🌸 learn about the stages of pregnancy and birth, which are either to be taken literally if you are pregnant or as a deep metaphor for the feminine within if you are curious about becoming pregnant or wishing to birth another type of creative project

🌸 go through the practical logistics of birth and delivery

🌸 learn how to create sacred space for your birth and how to connect with the spirit of your “baby”


Earlier in her life, she had all of the outward indicators of success – major awards as a Modern Dancer, dancing with a big dance company at Lincoln Center, NYC (where they filmed Black Swan!) with the New York Metropolitan Opera Ballet, a marriage, a great body, a Masters Degree in designing experiences, and a career as a future forecaster for a famous futurist, telling futures for fortune 500 companies – but everything had been achieved through struggle – so none of it took traction and she kept “losing it all.”

Through her recovery, Emily mastered the power of feminine energy to partner her powerful yang/masculine energy she was accustomed to operating with. She also mastered the art & science of give & receive. All of a sudden, everything started coming to her with ease, grace, and FUN! Many things even grander and more wonderful then she could ever plan for, and without having to stress or strain at all. If you are feeling manifestation challenged, and you are finally fed up with it, she is the leading go-to coach.

With her background as a dancer, hands on healer, bodyworker, intuitive, coach, & designer of experiences, Emily is lovingly become known as the hipster mystic, utilizing her healing powers like a psychic surgeon at the intersection of body, mind and spirit. When you coach with Emily, you get new access to your body body’s ability to provide all your answers – as the address to your soul, and you Master your Total Body Intelligence, learning to get what you want quickly with your intuition, psychic skills (yes, you have them!), body smarts, and feminine energy.

Learn more about Emily Tepper here.