Thinking Astro-Logically With Ricky Williams


The Course

“Astro-” means stars and “-logy” refers to logos, which is usually translated from Greek into “word” or “speech”. Astrology is a tool that allows us to hear, speak and understand the language of the Cosmos, the Universe, the Gods, the Goddess, Nature, God — whatever you like to call It.

This course is an introduction to the language of astrology — and in order to understand any language, we must first learn its alphabet.

Session 1: Astrological Symbolism
Session 1 will introduce the idea of symbolic thinking and astrological archetypes and explain how they form the basis of astrological thinking.

Session 2: Planets, Signs and Houses
In Session 2, we will discuss the three overlapping symbol systems of the 10 Planets, the 12 signs and the 12 houses that form the basis of the Astrological “Alphabet”.

Sessions 3-6: Elements
In Sessions 3 through 6, we will go in-depth into the planets, signs and houses individually by element:

Session 3: Water
Session 4: Fire
Session 5: Earth
Session 6: Air

At the end of Session 6, we will discuss how to practically apply these cosmic perspectives into the lives of this course’s participants.

Although the concepts in this course require a moderate degree of spiritual development to grasp, participants will not need any prior astrological understanding beyond that which gave rise to an interest in taking this course.

Length: ~ 9 Hours
Originally presented March – April 2021
Virtually on RA MA TV + Infinite Replay

About Ricky Williams

Upon the completion of a successful professional football career, Ricky Williams turned his attention to spiritual exploration and development. A Gemini fueled by a passion for learning, he studies and practices yoga, meditation, astrology, craniosacral therapy, pranic healing, and Ayurvedic medicine. In 2018, he and his wife, Linnea Miron, founded Real Wellness, an herbal wellness brand with a mission to awaken the inner physician through accessible, innovative plant medicine formulas. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Counseling Psychology.

During Ricky’s 16 years studying astrology and interpreting birth charts for his clients, he discovered a teacher in world-renowned evolutionary astrologer Steven Forrest. In 2020, Ricky, Steven, and Linnea founded LILA (Sanskrit for “divine play”), a relationship and self-discovery app powered by the spiritual insights offered by an empowering, choice-based form of astrology.

Ricky’s greatest love is building transformative businesses with his wife and other like-minded people. To learn more, visit, and, or follow him on Instagram @williams and on Twitter @Rickthelaureate.

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