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The Purity of Self: A Full Moon in Virgo Workshop with Nam Satya


Join Nam Satya for a special workshop for the Full Moon in Virgo, to purify the Self.

February 2024

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This full moon brings an opportunity to move ourselves through a purifying space and crystalize our consciousness.  The virgo archetype is the pure virgin, the dedicated and devotional self, that acts on behalf of what it perceive as the greater good.  Likewise, we can tune into a field where our consciousness can merge with that of the infinite, making us pure and fit vessels for a higher order to express.


About Nam Satya Kaur

Nam Satya is a Kundalini Yoga and meditation teacher, creative artisan, mother and former model. She’s the founder of Nam Satya CO and Mothers Divine.  After more than a decade working in the fashion industry she decided to “leave it all behind” and move to Mallorca to study with her spiritual teacher, Guru Jagat.

Nam Satya’s work as a teacher is dedicated to elevating the consciousness of the planet, particularly through helping mothers thrive in pregnancy and motherhood, thereby raising the new generation of kind and conscious children of the Aquarian Age.


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The Purity of Self: A Full Moon in Virgo Workshop with Nam Satya
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