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Total Solar Eclipse & Pluto in Aquarius


Total Solar Eclipse & Pluto in Aquarius
A Historic Galactic Event
with Mandev, Harijiwan, Ana Netanel, & RA MA Global Teachers

++ Harijiwan returns in-person at RA MA Los Angeles for the Total Solar Eclipse!  Harijiwan will be joining Mandev, for this first LIVE appearance at RA MA Los Angeles since September 2023.  

For the first time in 248 years— the Sun, Moon, Pluto & Planet Earth align.
Creating a cosmic mirror of their alignment 248 years ago.

Join Mandev, Harijiwan, Ana Netanel, and RA MA teachers around the world on the Total Solar Eclipse with Pluto in Aquarius— a rare, timeline-transforming, historic galactic event.

An Eclipse is a powerful celestial event, opening a vortex of energy connecting the cosmos & you.

Pluto in Aquarius shines a light on what is hidden. The last time these cosmic forces merged was in 1776, as the United States gained independence & became a nation. Meditating during this rare cosmic alignment is highly auspicious.

From 1776 until now— there have only been 8 Total Solar Eclipses that have crossed over the United States. Each of these Total Solar Eclipses have marked huge historical shifts— this rare Eclipse is the 9th of its kind.
In the galactic series of Total Solar Eclipses, only some have appeared in the sky above the U.S. The 2017 Eclipse, this one— and the next will not be until 2044.

Enter the cosmic portal
Discover what treasures await you.
Download energy from beyond the planetary matrix.
Make a total transformation on the Total Solar Eclipse.

The Lineup:

2.5 Guru Ram Das Healing Meditation
Special Sadhana

Total Solar Eclipse
Kundalini Yoga + Long Mul Mantra
with Mandev

Light of Courage | Aries Eclipse Kundalini
with Teg Prakash

Looking UP | Aries Solar Eclipse Astrology
with Teg Prakash

Total Solar Eclipse & Pluto in Aquarius
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Workshop
with Mandev and Harijiwan

Total Solar Eclipse & Pluto in Aquarius
Multi-Healer Sound Bath
with Ana Netanel

Special Eclipse class with Pritam Siri

with Siri Rishi

Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aries:
Illuminating the Way with NAM SATYA

Virtually on RA MA TV + Infinite Replay
Originally Presented on Monday, April 8, 2024
RA MA Los Angeles + RA MA New York + RA MA Mallorca

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    In Person, Virtual

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Total Solar Eclipse & Pluto in Aquarius
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