Kundalini Yoga for Actors with Alexis Krause


Kundalini Yoga for Actors
Amplify Your Radiance, Upgrade Your Projection & Get Booked
A Workshop with Alexis Krause

The job of an actor isn’t just to act. It’s also to carry an aura that can hold the level of success one truly desires. Much of the actor’s time is spent in between jobs or in between set ups. So…why not spend that time building the radiant body to create more opportunities, learn to take advantage of those opportunities, become fearless, learn how to stay calm when the pressure is on, and gain enough energy in the system so that your energy not only lights up a room but lights up on screen?

This is the Kundalini Yoga experience.

-Expand your aura
-Strengthen your radiant body
-Become more magnetic
-Experience a yoga set to help with memorization
-Harness your fearlessness
-Calm the nerves
-Shine from within
-Enjoy the process

Length: ~ 2 Hours
Virtually on RA MA TV with Infinite Replay
Originally presented Sunday, February 26, 2023

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    In Person, Virtual

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Kundalini Yoga for Actors with Alexis Krause
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