Meet RA MA Institute Teacher Gian Randev

We sat down with RA MA Institute teacher Gian Randev. Here’s what he had to say…

How did you discover Kundalini Yoga? 

I was watching the Jiu Jitsu documentary “Choke” based on the life of Rickson Gracie. In this documentary I saw Rickson practicing breath of fire as part of his training routine. I had a teaching assistant that was really into yoga and I asked him to show me breath of fire. He did and when I moved to Los Angeles I was looking for a teacher and he directed me to Tej’s class. From that day on I knew I had found something that was not only going to make me a better fighter but also help me live a much better life.

What are some ways that you use the technology of Kundalini Yoga for success in your everyday life?

I integrate it into as much of my life as I can. I am relentlessly consistent with my practice and from there I try to spend the rest of my day finding success on the earthly plane. I think one of the most important things for me is to use the practice to find an emotional equilibrium so that it’s easier to operate from a place of neutrality. When I can do that everything else just seems to fall into place. 

What’s your go-to kriya or meditation to get you out of a negative thought stream? 

Panj Graani Kriya 

You’re a really accomplished Jiu Jitsu practitioner. What are some ways that Kundalini Yoga and Jiu Jitsu intersect?

These practices complement each other so well. It’s very clear to the people who have gone deep in each discipline that they are like long lost siblings. I’ve always said that the yogic sciences teach you how life should be while the martial arts prepare you for how life can be. Kundalini Yoga helps you create a high quality life and Jiu Jitsu helps insure it. Among many lessons, they both teach you how to stay meditative under stress as well the importance of discipline and consistency. If done correctly, the combination of the two disciplines can have a profound positive impact on any individual. The whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. 

You also have landed some huge acting projects recently. Congrats! What are some ways you prepare for a big audition?

There is no substitute for diligently preparing with the material so that you can perform what is expected of you. With that being said so much of it is more about compatibility than even competence. So like Yogi Bhajan said, “do your best and let God do the rest.” On the day of the audition I just go through my morning routine and at the audition just have fun and enjoy the process without an expectation on any kind of result. It makes for a good experience no matter what. 

And on that note, what’s your secret to magnetizing these amazing opportunities?

Bahota Karam 

What’s one thing you hope someone experiences in your classes?

I always hope that they experience learning or further solidifying a fundamental nuanced habit in the practice that they can apply to all future practices whether it be a class or a personal Sadhana. This way the consistent incremental gains from the habit can over time create a huge impact in the individual’s life. I also always hope that everyone leaves really high. 🙂

Catch Gian Randev for weekly in person classes at RA MA Institute Venice and check out his RA MA TV class collection here.

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