Conscious Money with Rana Wilson


Bringing our awareness and consciousness to money is truly a Spiritual practice. There is often a tendency among those on a Spiritual path to pay minimal or often disregard their relationship to money. We place our attention on “deeper” elements, utilizing our time to cultivate an “inner” practice. However, we can utilize this same diligence and devotion to transform our relationship with money.

We can view money as an external expression of our inner state. Our relationship to money is another realm in which we can shine a light on and eliminate limiting beliefs that do not serve who we truly are. Perhaps you might believe or have believed that, “Money is not Spiritual”, “Those with money are greedy”, “One cannot get paid well doing what they love”, “In order to earn money one must work hard”, and so on. These are limiting beliefs we have inherited knowingly or unknowingly from our parents, society, and the people around us. When left unattended to they have a profound influence on our choices.

Moreover, they are incongruent with the deep inner states we have cultivated in our Spiritual practice. The impact of these beliefs can be significant, inhibiting our ability to experience abundance, both in the amount we allow in and the level we feel safe to give.

Just as we have used our spiritual practice to improve other aspects of our lives, we can direct this practice toward unearthing limiting beliefs related to our relationship with money. Just as we watch our mind and our breath, we can watch how we are with money – and choose to be with it differently!

Notice if you have resistance to filing taxes or paying bills. Notice if you are experiencing anxiety about how you can earn money now or if you are sacred to let go of what you have. Or, might you find yourself earning money easily but dismayed at how it all seems to slip away. Any resistance, worry or fear you have is taking up space in your nervous system. It is like an old TV with static in the background. Somehow, you have gotten used to this noise being there and have silently chosen to do nothing about it. This noise reduces your capacity to experience the fullness of the life you desire to live.

We can clear out this noise by bringing more consciousness, gratitude, and acknowledgment to the flow of money currently in our lives. As we do this, we become a safer space and clearer channel to receive more, give more, and be in an effortless flow. We can then see what is divinely ours to receive and can respond to the bounty being placed before us. The thinking mind falls away and we enter a spontaneous dance where the giving and receiving become one.

As the great poet Hafiz said, “Now is the time to know that all that you do is sacred”, including your relationship with money. Rana Wilson is a conscious money guide who has been on a Spiritual path for over twenty years. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a bridge between Spirit and money. Rana is devoted to bringing consciousness to people’s relationship with money and how to live a more integrated life.


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