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Poetry by Guru Jagat


Poetry by Guru Jagat:


Light that we were never afraid of,

Death that we all have to face.

Real Sound moves faster than




The “news”



Awakening is instantaneous

Kindness on high

Empathy as our daily bread

Compassion, deepest of cure

Evolution immediately,

Interconnectedness is bigger than us all &

We have Won {One} .


{spontaneous poetry 4-4-20

Guru Jagat, Los Angeles} •


  • {Equinox Poem}•

Somewhere & everywhere — now & in empty Shrines & shelves all over earth

equinoctial point of X-ing

celestial belly fleshes into us

Some wake like ancient underwater druids & priestesses to worship a song we never stopped humming from deep in the swollen sea •

Some watch tv — worship toilet paper Gods—they worry for the half life of death •

self-destruction seduction is, as usual, not revelatory — it’s mundane & hungry & anti-climatic *one time offer ! •

Come all ye •

  • unfaithed •underwhelmed •unsettled •combed over •eyelids peeled •heart holed •something’s not quite right •believers in nothing •be more-ers •push doesn’t shove
  • pressure eaters •rich no matter what
  • spirit in the sunrise •nay doo gooders •filled overflowing
  • peace providers •pomp & circumstance crooners
  • cosmic party goers
  • first time earthlings •undervalued overdogs
  • smarty pants •no bull shitters •paradox eaters •sacred everything-ers •don’t forget abouters •dirt spiritualists •heaven on earthers •uncriticizers •create creators •

real crossroads in high altitudes bring the most absurd reality to dance with still warm flesh in the massacred temples of our Minds, as the light somewhere right now is hyperbouncing against the quiet places in us that have only—after arduous running from this point that will not be made—

today, revealed •

  • —Guru Jagat

Los Angeles

March 19, 2020 •


#equinox •


Oh holy sunrise!

where God is I know its somewhere in morning’s subtle eyes

how the earth birth gurgles gently before darklight fades


Delicious start to love’s most demanding day! .


remember: total night takes you in its dark baby rolls, everstar ships track infinite patterns… .


what forgetful poets live near Saturn!

Winter inner snow steps

quiet gods are

Laughing . You . Awake . .


Oh sweetest dawn prayer!

teach me to revere

alchemical melodious mind dew~ .


forest birds keep mantra secrets

Bark berry leaf query

the Infinite reverb

And morning you are a lover that whispers like no other .


{you poet are forming sound quivers on these galaxy’s outer ever shine shivers}. —



1st written New Lebanon, New York August 5, 2018

2nd Edition Los Angeles, California Christmas 2019 .


Winter Solstice

May the lifeblood of creative action spill onto every cobweb of despair

And this darkest & lightest day evoke sheer genius out of our most miserly opinions & excuses for not giving more, more .

Come all ye faithful

Triumphant & exalted

A thick skinned pomelo

Eaten at midnight on Solstice

Is said to be good luck 7 incarnations ago

bringing this ripe fruit of you into the juicy hands of earth to make succulence of your heart & mind forever-echo

In the ether-ways of chorused angels sounding many dimensions and archways away to remind us of our

Great Return .





Guru Jagat

Winter Solstice 2019

Florida, USA .


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