Lunar Cycles

Our lunar-themed experiences are designed to work in harmony with the energy of the moon to take your practice to the next level. Inside: total solar eclipses, full & new moons, supermoons and secret secretion practices galore.

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Guru Jagat
1 hr 17 min

4th Day of the Moon

Yoga & meditation for brain health.

Resetting the glandular system on the 4th day of the moon.

Life is not a joke. Your life is sacred & precious. You were created in infinite beauty & wisdom by the awing universe or creative force. Drugs & alcohol are often addictive & physically/mentally damaging. Loving yourself is what gives you the ability to navigate life.

It’s crucial, necessary & important for children who have never tried drugs yet to at least hear once, somewhere, that drugs are actually negative. Literally 100% of the education & advertising out there is either moralistic/dogmatic (i.e. fear-mongering & not fully explaining what the physical dangers are: the equivalent of abstinence-only education), or actively pro, positive, pushy & anti-fact: excusing drug abuse as positive with health benefits or as “spiritual experiences.” If you’ve ever done drugs, please keep scrolling because no one wants you to feel bad; that’s not a helpful way to navigate your wonderful & blessed future.

The issue with drugs is that they take you out of your own hands; the number of people who have accidental overdoses or unintentionally harm themselves or others is unbelievably sad, tragic & astonishing for themselves & everyone around them. There’s nothing recreational about hurting yourself & leaving children, friends & family behind.

One time someone asked Yogi Bhajan why people think it’s fun to party & drink too much, & he said that deep down they just don’t like themselves that much. These are socially-accepted relatively “minor” ways of harming the self that accumulate over time into self-destructive behavior that is very difficult to reverse. As yogis you would never want to tell someone what to do or to stop drinking or doing drugs, you just present an alternative way to get high (pranayam, meditation, yoga) if they ask.

There are maybe two drugs out there that aren’t “that bad” for you. Marijuana is one of the worst drugs to even try once because it stays in your fat cells, kills brain cells & interferes with brain function & cerebrospinal fluid in a way that is very, very difficult to reverse the effects of completely, & never 100%. Other drugs are even worse because they’re addictive, so you physically can’t stop even if you want to. Class A-D & some E class drugs are life-threatening, mentally & physically & you need to put a little forethought into your choices if you’re going to, say, smoke marijuana while pregnant as is somehow the casual fad nowadays. Medical science is always behind; we prescribe Ritalin to 10 year olds & highly addictive barbiturates to people who don’t need it so pharmaceutical companies can make a buck off the lives of everyday people. The human body is extremely sensitive.

As a yogi, you become extremely sensitive to internal & external energies. Yoga is essentially the science of manipulating your internal energy. This is a very exact & precise system of moving energy & substances just impede your future yogic progress in practice, point-blank.

There’s a self-sensitivity & gentleness we’re tuning into with yoga practice & trying to allow a space for. Be nice to yourself. Then be nicer to yourself. We want to create a space where being kind to yourself is vindicated & celebrated, or at least accepted, unlike in the rest of the world where it is actively punished.

If you’re a child or young person wondering why the whole world seems so crazy, please keep in mind almost all of it is due to the mental & physical illness drugs, alcohol & fast-paced culture create in the system. Drugs are a short-term solution to short-term non-realities that universally end up doing far more harm than good.

If you have any drug history, of course, please do not ever feel bad. We have plenty techniques to help undo the effects.

“You’re not allowed to use [this technology] to feel bad about yourself.” - Gurujas Khalsa

Letting everyone have their own opinions, obviously. You would never walk up to someone about to have a Brazilian Butt Lift & remind them of the high mortality rate; give people space, acceptance & respect. Opinions are not facts anyway; facts are facts & from there everybody gets to make decisions about how they navigate their lives. We just want you to know where reality is.

We want people to have self-esteem & common sense. From there, you’re nice to yourself & others & you can develop & make progress. Common sense & deep, lasting self-esteem are virtually non-existent in society at large.

Politics has used us all as pawns, & the issue is taking control of your own health & consciousness. We want you to become empowered; empowered people are not nosy, controlling or pushy.