Twin Violet Flame


Angelic & Ascended Master Sacred Relationship Technologies
With Guru Jagat and Isabelle Von Fallois

Go into the angelic and ascended master realms to activate your souls mission to be in union.

Whether platonic, business, or romantic, relationship is one of the greatest spiritual fulfillments of the human incarnation.

In this special day long intensive with Guru Jagat and Isabelle von Fallois, merge deeper into harmonious activation of current relations or magnetically activating higher caliber relationship experiences on a soul level.

Originally presented February 20, 2021

What to Expect

What to Expect

Relationship is an art form. 

Practice, meditate, and experience the different layers of the art of co-creating a divine love relationship with your Twin Flame. 

The first layer is about you. 

The second layer is about you and your partner. 

The third layer is about a sacred commitment between the two. 

And the fourth layer is about taking care of the third entity ~ the relationship and the art you create(d) together. 

Through very special Kundalini practices, healing Soul Journeys, special meditations and more, go on a deep life-changing journey to learn about this sacred art form.

Your Guides

Your Guides

Guru Jagat

Guru Jagat is the Founder and CEO of 7 global businesses including RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology with locations in Venice, California; Mallorca, Spain; and New York City.  Poet, yogi and international thought leader, she is the bestselling author of Invincible Living: The Power of Yoga, The Energy of Breath, and Other Tools for a Radiant Life with translations in French, German and Russian, and the renegade host of the envelope-pushing podcast, Reality Riffing. 

As a cultural and wellness luminary, Guru Jagat has been indispensable in refining a new model of integrated female empowerment. Around this nourishing framework of intuitive womxnhood and socio-political leadership, Guru Jagat runs her Aquarian Womxn’s Leadership Society, Immense Grace, and The Graces programs.  She is the Founder and CEO of the media outlets RA MA TV and RA MA Records, as well as the clothing and lifestyle brands, Guru Jagat Collection and Robotic Disaster. Guru Jagat’s non-profit work has culminated in the founding of the RA MA Foundation, built to make energy, wholeness and community healing available to anyone.


Isabelle von Fallois

Former pianist Isabelle von Fallois was diagnosed with a life-threatening form of leukemia. After fighting for life and death for 4 years she had a profound encounter with Archangel Raphael that changed her life forever and helped her to heal. From this moment on she studied various forms of energy healing, coaching and more to be able to support people on their path.

In the meantime she wrote several bestselling books (including the novel “Der Brief der Magdalena”) which were translated into different languages and recorded more than 50 meditations.

She is the founder of the ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training (7 modules à 5 days) including ISIS ANGEL HEALING®, MAGDALENE HEALING® and the SACRED WOMEN SESSIONS©. Together with Urban Nomad Jewelry she created the SACRED WOMEN MALA COLLECTION.

Besides she had her own radio show “Angel Messages” for more than 2 years and was featured in lots of magazines like OM Times Magazine, Awareness Magazine, NEWsAGE, WOMAN, GLAMOUR, etc. and appeared on several DVDs with other famous people like Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Lorna Byrne, Eric Pearl, Princess Martha Louise, etc., in spiritual movies and on German television.

Isabelle von Fallois’ mission is to travel through the world to help people to open their hearts to communicate with Angels and other light beings and to live a life filled with divine love and miracles to make the world a better place.


Saturday, February 20, 2021
On-Demand on Unlimited Replay


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