Technology of the Sound Ring

When activated, human beings have what is known as a “sound ring” around them. The sound ring is like a musical instrument, upon which vibrations are played. When vibrations affect your sound ring, you receive the event, and your brain cells begin the response process of computing. The activity of each brain cell is determined by the frequency of the sound ring. In other words, the projection of a sound onto your sound ring, and the total sound in your environment, determines your intellectual capacity.

Through the use of yogic technologies, this ring becomes a protective shield of wisdom, action, and projection. Similarly, the earth itself can be seen to have a sound ring, an electromagnetic resonance which is in a constant state of movement. The Earth’s sensory responses to sound effect massive changes in planetary consciousness.

The current shift in the matrix began with a low frequency sound, a sound which continues to expand, spread, and mutate. Your positive and sensory sound ring is critically important right now, as scheduled events on Earth have been changed and moved to a different timeline. To successfully execute humanity’s movement into a new timeline and a new digital existence, the power control system seeks to reset the human brain. Corona, and its many branches of cause and effect, has been used for this purpose.

In Gurujas’ special workshop “Radiant Naad“, she’ll fully explain this agenda, positivity shift it, and enter into our own radiant sanctuary. You’ll use the strength of Radiant Naad to create a shield, direct your vibration, and activate a new and powerful personal sound ring. Available live and on replay.