Marta Ulbricht

About Marta Ulbricht

Marta first started practicing Kundalini Yoga and met her teacher Guru Jagat in 2018. With a background as an elite athlete, her yearning to find a practice that was more well-rounded and deeply fulfilling spiritually, mentally, and physically, was far exceeded with Kundalini Yoga.

She spent the next 4 years working closely with Guru Jagat, traveling the world with her, and now it’s her mission to carry forward the same love for these teachings that her teacher showed her.

Marta’s classes are focused heavily on strengthening the physical body, and using the power of the breath (prana) to harness the capacity to experience the unconditional love that’s available to us all.

Marta is also a mantra music artist, with a deep love for these sounds. Listen to her music here.