Joie Ruggiero

Joie Ruggiero

About Joie Ruggiero

A second generation student of Yogi Bhajan and the technology of Kundalini Yoga, Joie Ruggiero (Har Kirpal Kaur) has had the profound privilege to discover how a devotional practice can express human experience in higher octaves from birth. After studying music, ballet and modern dance, she began a decade long career in the boutique fitness space, working with elite clientele all over the world, hosting her first retreat, and building her personal training business, Haumea Athletics. After intersecting with Guru Jagat and The RA MA community, she knew it was time to harmonize her expert knowledge of the human body, with her spiritual upbringing. She is producing her debut album of EDM inspired mantra beats with her sister, as the group Mataji. Her mission is to inspire and uplift through the interwoven landscapes of rhythmic sound and physical movement.

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