You need the support of other women to fully step into your Power.

You must find ways to reinforce your knowing that life can have much, much more depth.

The world needs your creative genius and inspiration.

Your intuition is SPOT ON.  

Life can have more magic, radiance and beauty in it. We just need deep spiritual practice and intimacy with other powerful women to make this happen.

It doesn’t matter if you think of yourself as an artist or you think of yourself as a businesswoman or a mother…you’re here to reinforce a new revolution on the planet — one where you’re happy, creative and fully alive.

More and more women are heeding the call to transform their lives and become strong and radiant catalysts of change in the world. Which is why Guru Jagat wanted to create a global community for you to connect and learn powerful yogic tools and women’s teachings from her year-round, no matter where she’s at in the world.

Otherworldly Content To Make Miracles And Hyper-Synchronicities An Everyday Experience And Turn You Into The Leader You Were Born To Be

Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society is radically different from any other women’s training out there.

It’s Guru Jagat’s brainchild of her 15+ years of rigorous study, testing and transmission of the practices, tools and women’s teachings Yogi Bhajan left us.

Each month’s content is curated to align your life with the sacred spaces of time, so you can have a deep experience of clarity and fulfillment.

When you join this monthly experience, you’ll get access to all the practices and meditations, yogic tips and beauty secrets you need to take your life and leadership to the next level. 


  • Practices and Meditations For The Times: Kriyas and meditations handpicked by Guru Jagat to align you with the sacred spaces of time — all of these practices are 30 minutes or less so you can practice them everyday. The Women of AWLS have already received incredible upgrades by applying these tools in their lives and taking them on as a daily sadhana practice.
  • Curated Social Experiences: Commune with other powerful women both in-person and virtually, where you’ll have an opportunity to share your gifts, stories, and miracles.
  • Yogic Nutrition Technology: Yogic recipes designed to deeply heal and nourish you while tuning your body to the celestial cycle.
  • Face Time With Guru Jagat: As part of AWLS you’ll get a chance to connect with Guru Jagat on our spontaneous exclusive Live Streams, and in a private and incredibly active Facebook group. This is where you can ask questions and get on a ton of insights that will help guide you on your personal journey. Since Guru Jagat travels a lot, this a unique opportunity to get your questions answered and receive personal guidance from her virtually.
  • Expanding Experiences of Creativity and Beauty To Put Into Action: Social experiments, leadership training, thought-provoking challenges and more with and by Guru Jagat + the Graces.


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Aquarian Women's Leadership Society


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