You need the support of other women to fully step into your Power.

You must find ways to reinforce your knowing that life can have much, much more depth.

The world needs your creative genius and inspiration.

Your intuition is SPOT ON.  

Life can have more magic, radiance and beauty in it. We just need deep spiritual practice and intimacy with other powerful women to make this happen.

It doesn’t matter if you think of yourself as an artist or you think of yourself as a businesswoman or a mother…you’re here to reinforce a new revolution on the planet — one where you’re happy, creative and fully alive.

More and more women are heeding the call to transform their lives and become strong and radiant catalysts of change in the world. Which is why Guru Jagat wanted to create a global community for you to connect and learn powerful yogic tools and women’s teachings from her year-round, no matter where she’s at in the world.

Otherworldly Content To Make Miracles And Hyper-Synchronicities An Everyday Experience And Turn You Into The Leader You Were Born To Be

Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society is radically different from any other women’s training out there.

It’s Guru Jagat’s brainchild of her 15+ years of rigorous study, testing and transmission of the practices, tools and women’s teachings Yogi Bhajan left us.

Each month’s content is curated to align your life with the sacred spaces of time, so you can have a deep experience of clarity and fulfillment.

When you join this monthly experience, you’ll get access to all the practices and meditations, yogic tips and beauty secrets you need to take your life and leadership to the next level. 


Practices and Meditations For The Times

Kriyas and meditations handpicked by Guru Jagat to align you with the sacred spaces of time — all of these practices are 30 minutes or less so you can practice them everyday. The Women of AWLS have already received incredible upgrades by applying these tools in their lives and taking them on as a daily sadhana practice.

Yogic Nutrition Technology

Simple yogic recipes designed to deeply heal and nourish you while tuning your body to the celestial cycle. You’ll use the most powerful foods on the planet to completely change your body from the inside out — some of our all-time favorites include turnips, jalapeno pancakes and black garbanzo beans.

Curated Social Experiences

When you join AWLS, you’ll get access to a network of incredible women in a private mastermind community. Commune with them both in-person and virtually, where you’ll have an opportunity to share your gifts, stories, and miracles each month. 


Face Time With Guru Jagat

As part of AWLS you’ll get a chance to connect with Guru Jagat on our spontaneous exclusive Live Streams, and in a private and incredibly active Facebook group. This is where you can ask questions and get on a ton of insights that will help guide you on your personal journey. Since Guru Jagat travels a lot, this a unique opportunity to get your questions answered and receive personal guidance from her virtually.

Expanding Experiences of Creativity and Beauty To Put Into Action

As an Aquarian Womens Leader, rework your concept of what it means to be a creator on the planet and embody artistic clarity and creativity. Here you’ll find social experiments, leadership training, thought-provoking challenges and more led by Guru Jagat + the Graces.

Illumination Station 

Here you’ll tune into a themed dharma talk, meditation or other experience handpicked by Guru Jagat to illuminate and inspire major changes.

Curated Dharma Art, Esoterica & Other Curiosities 

The world needs your creative genius and inspiration. Each month in AWLS we curate creative projects, dharma talks, exquisite works of art created by or about women, and more to activate and faciliate the creative power in you.

Surprisingly Cosmic Extras

As a member of AWLS, you get a ton of amazing perks on everything from exclusive Guru Jagat content and live events to discounts on beauty + lifestyle picks and more.

Inside this month’s content, you’ll find: 

* NEW: Daily morning live streams with Guru Jagat & the RA MA Crew

* PRACTICE: A yoga set that focuses the seat of power and intention.

* MEDITATE: A clarifying meditation for prosperity and positivity

* ENRICH: Exclusive sessions on business & prosperity

* And much more


Choose The Membership Plan That’s Right For You















Do you really want to become a member, but AWLS is out of your monthly budget? 

We’d love to have you! We offer scholarships from totally comped to 50% off the monthly membership rate. Please click here to apply for a sliding scale scholarship. We encourage women of all economic backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures to apply. 


AWLS is benefiting me on every level and has upgraded me as a human. Physically, the practices have made me stronger which in turn has made me mentally stronger. I used to have limiting and discouraging beliefs about myself whereas now I find myself believing in my abilities, capabilities, and role in this world. I have a sense of place in the world.

…I have turned inward for self-esteem / satisfaction and know that my happiness can only come from me being content with me and not worrying about what others may think. I feel like a metamorphosis has taken place because I am no longer the same person.

Confidence has taken the role of low self-esteem. Peace has taken the role of anxiety. Openness has take the place of close-mindedness.

Additionally, I am able to share all that I am learning with my husband and children, which in turn makes me feel like I am helping change the world for the better. I am a more informed citizen on global issues such as plastic in the ocean, recycling, and water. As a result I have made changes on a personal level which has had a ripple effect on my family and community. By spreading the word, other families within my sphere of influence are changing their habits on recycling, plastic, and water usage. Collectively we are making changes to solve a global crisis.

Julie B.

The community of Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society has benefited me in so many different ways. I feel safe in this space with women who understand what I am going through along my spiritual journey. I have very few friends who I can relate to and this community has helped me to feel unconditional support.

The monthly content has been exceptionally in alignment with what I intuitively felt I needed at the time, which is NO coincidence.

I am continuously feeling shifts in my consciousness and never have I felt so alive and living my life’s purpose.

I am being challenged every day in my practice and I have learned to welcome that. Some days, I cant even fathom practicing, but I NEVER regret it afterward. I feel a gentle and loving nudge from Guru Jagat, even though she is not physically present with me and I need and appreciate that so very much. I see my practice in a whole new way now.

Nicole R.

For the first time EVER I have been practicing a kriya and meditation DAILY and am on track to finish my first 40 day challenge. I have always found the commitment to a daily practice very overwhelming and felt a lot of judgement and failure around not being able to commit to Sadhana like everyone else but I’ve been so inspired by others in the group and felt really supported to just work with where I am and DO IT. I’ve felt like the practices being offered to me were actually for my life, practically helpful and once I started I felt the benefits within a few days.

Parisa R.

I moved away from NYC and my community at RA MA Institute in August, I’ve been able to be a part of that community away from NYC, and feel inspired to practice and be a part of RA MA world. I was also introduced to some UK people as a result of being a part AWLS.

I’ve got countless book recommendations, ideas for kriyas to help with my goals, sleep, sex and more. I am inspired by fellow artists on the FB group sharing their growth and success creatively and in business. It’s really helping me to vision for my future (and present). Information on the new and full moons, ways to invest money and recipes!! I love all the recipes on the site. The IQ meditation is so poignant for me right now as I’m try to foster more focus into my life and write a book and a script in the next 6 months, and I need support (from my brain)!

There is so much content it’s incredible – I could go on and on!

Nora L.

I’m activated. I’m motivated to participate each month in practices, meditation, creation and so on. I’ve be at a standstill with my yogic studies and have found a new direction with AWLS. I SHARE my relationship & happenings with my current community & they are asking for more. So I’m finding/forging a way to continue my education and skills so that I may teach more in my community. It’s all happening because of the AWLS & RA MA energy. YESSS!!!

Ziggy M.


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