Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society is a membership-only, exclusive online Women’s Training and Community with Guru Jagat. Think of it as the Yogic Sorority you always wished existed. It’s HERE! This is a month-to-month global women’s house including mixers and workshops, yogic practices and inspirations, special offers on wellness picks, group calls, as well as access to exclusive online content — you can do it all or take your pick.

You’ll receive:

  • Monthly Guru Jagat Events — Attend Virtually and in a City Near You When Guru Jagat is on Tour
  • Monthly Group Calls
  • Monthly Themes, Inspirations, Practices, and Experiences
  • Access to Exclusive Online Content
  • Wellness and Beauty Picks Curated by Guru Jagat and Special Deals from our AWLS Partners
  • Spontaneous Bonuses and Gifts from Guru Jagat — Bestie Deals, Bring a Sister Passes, Women’s Days Specials, and more!
  • AWLS Mixers and Social Opportunities in a City Near You


Can I participate in both Immense Grace and Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society? Yes! You can participate alone or in conjunction with Guru Jagat’s Intensive Women’s Training Immense Grace. In summary, AWLS is a month-to-month, interactive women’s community. Follow along online with us or in-person in a city near you — you can do it all or pick and choose from our monthly activities. Immense Grace is an in-depth, committed 7-month experience. If you are interested in retreats or a deeper dive with Guru Jagat and more one-on-one work, you can join us for Immense Grace here.


Membership for the Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society’s Global House is now open for a limited time until the 4th Day of the Moon on November 21, 2017.

Membership to our private online portal is available for monthly and annual membership. Join our global community of women looking to transform their lives and become strong and radiant catalysts of change in the world.

November 21, 2017 at midnight is your last chance to sign up before the Global House closes for this enrollment period. Join us today!

Aquarian Women's Leadership Society


Our Global Community of Women welcomes new members on the New Moon of each month.  

Join the waitlist now and you will be notified at the time of the next enrollment opening. 


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