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Truth Seeker Pendulum Himilayan Crystal Quartz


Inspired by a drop of water falling into a sacred pond, as pure and clear as the inner truth, this pendulum is the perfect guidance for all the answers you seek.

The Himalayan Quartz drop is crowned by 8 faceted Rubies that energise and empower.

The end of the chain is beautifully finished with a sterling silver cone set with the choice of either an Emerald, Ruby cabochon or faceted Cubic Zirconia.

The Emerald strengthens your connection to the divine energies by opening your heart and mind and also promotes unconditional compassion, love, and acceptance in every form.

The Ruby is associated with improved energy, concentration, and also promotes creativity, protection and knowledge.

This cone can also be used as a pendulum in case you need to irradiate your reading with the Emerald/Ruby ray.

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