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The Cashmere Knit Shawl


The Cashmere Knit Shawl is hand-knit using the finest certified pure cashmere yarns. Traditionally crafted by multi-generational cashmere artisans in the foothills of the Himalayas, every process from the beginning to the end in the creation of these pieces is done entirely by hand.

Cashmere specifically is the undercoat of the wool from these high-altitude dwelling animals.  The wool of the goats is humanely harvested at the end of the Spring season each year where the superfine undercoat is separated from the more coarse wool of the upper layers.  Only 200-300 grams is produced by one goat and a typical shawl requires the undercoat of 3-4 goats.  Your purchase helps keep the traditional techniques of cashmere-making alive.

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  • Description

    • 100% Pure Cashmere
    • Hand-kint
    • Made in Nepal

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The Cashmere Knit Shawl
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